Celebrating God’s Work In Tanzania

Thank you for loving our kids in Tanzania through child sponsorships, giving, and praying. You are making a difference. Here’s a fun update from our team—


Celebrating Nine Children Giving Their Life to Christ

On April 21, nine children from TCRC were baptized. The children shared their testimonies and acknowledged they were willingly ready to spend their lives for Christ. So, we praise and thank the Lord for continuing to change the hearts of our kids and staff at TCRC.



Celebrating a New Vehicle

Meanwhile, in late April, a ceremony was held for two vehicles that were dedicated to the TCRC ministry.

One vehicle, a Toyota Land cruiser, had been donated to the ministry by a family who had served at the ministry. The other vehicle was a Bajaj, a three-wheeled utility vehicle with a hydraulic dump bed, which was also purchased by the ministry to serve the team at the goat farm.


Celebrating the Completion of the Clinic

Also, by the grace of God, the medical clinic building was completed in May. So now our team looks forward to caring for our children at the clinic and opening up the clinic to the surrounding community for minor healthcare issues as part of continued outreach opportunities.

We also pray that it will give the children insight into the world of medicine and encourage some to pursue a career in medicine.


Celebrating Progress in the Boy’s Dorm

And finally, the boy’s dorm project which began in December continues to make good progress. In June, the second floor of the building was inspected and then the concrete was poured. Consequently, this was a big step and now construction on the second floor has begun.

So, the boys who moved out of the old dorm and into a large meeting room have been encouraged as they continue to see work progress on their new building. It’s been challenging having so many boys all sleeping in one large room, but most have adapted well, knowing that it is for a good reason that this challenge will yield good things.


We especially praise God for His good, faithful provision. So thank you for your part in this story. Your prayers, support, and encouragement are making an impact!


Your gift ensures orphaned and vulnerable kids and young adults in Tanzania will be reached with the Gospel.