When Kids Go to School in Zambia

For years, you’ve faithfully loved and served orphans and vulnerable kids in Zambia, so we’re excited to share what God is doing with your support.

Here’s what’s happening—

The large Chipata Compound in Zambia is marked by poverty.

The majority of people living here do not have running water or electricity, and they struggle to find or maintain sustainable employment. Additionally, addictions and abuse are common, resulting in many unsafe living conditions for children.

The Chipata Compound is also where Lifesong Harmony School is located.

Since 2011, this school has met the needs of students in the community, most of whom are single or double orphans.

Today, we serve 765 students from nursery school to Grade 12.

Because of the high rates of poverty,

most children who live in Chipata Compound cannot afford to go to school, due to the costs of uniforms and books, for example.

Which is why Harmony School is so important.

With your support, we offer education to children in need who would otherwise be unable to attend. As part of this education, we provide 2 meals per day (which equals 8,500 meals per week for our students and staff!), medical care, and discipleship.

And we do it at no cost to the student or family.

Harmony School is one way we’re working to break the cycle of poverty in Zambia. Without this education, many—if not all—the students we serve would be unable to gain an education.

In addition to offering a fee-free education,

Harmony School offers a quality education.

Meaning we hold our students to a high standard, which can be seen in our testing scores that increase each year. By the grace of God and with the hard work of our teachers and students, our school is recognized and respected year after year by government officials.

Additionally, we have Harmony Home, which allows 25 girls who are at the highest risk to live on campus. This home is located a short walking distance from the school, and we have Zambian house mothers who live with the girls and care for their needs.

It’s important for children to receive good education in a safe environment from teachers and staff who love them so they can go on in life to higher schooling and sustainable employment.

So, when kids go to school in Zambia,

They’re far more likely to:

learn and grow.
graduate and get good jobs.
maintain stable, productive lives as leaders in their community.
impact future generations and break the poverty cycle.

And this is just the beginning. Our students in Zambia are shown the love of Christ and are given the tools to learn and love the Gospel for themselves.

If you’ve followed our Lifesong updates from Zambia, you likely also know and love the ministry in Garneton, as well.

Lifesong School in Garneton began in 2007 at a small church in the local village. You may remember the students from that first class became our Grade 12 students who graduated in 2020.

The ministry in Garneton—like the ministry in Harmony—is growing stronger each year with God’s help and your support.

These two teams are working together to further what they have with the hope of building more schools throughout Zambia.

As always, the goals remain the same: to prepare students for the future, to grow the kingdom, and to support God’s work now and through the future.

The needs of this country

and specifically the needs of the children of Zambia, are big.

Most children lack adequate access to nutrition, water, housing, and education. Less than 17% of the population has completed primary school. While only 3.98% have received any post-secondary-school education or training for employment.

We look forward to sharing amazing stories of redemption as God continues to work through you to reach more kids and young adults in Zambia for His glory!

Thank you for being part of this partnership.

Want to help more kids in Zambia?

Through child sponsorship, you can help shape a child’s future. With sponsorship, you provide holistic, Gospel-centered care, food, and education.