So Much to Celebrate in Ethiopia!

In our last update, we invited you to celebrate with us that 100% of our Grade 8 students had just passed the national exam. God continues to work in the lives of these students here in Ethiopia, and we praise Him for that.

Here’s another update from our team filled with things to celebrate—

Our construction project is finally finished!

For the past year, we’ve been working to build a new classroom building on the Adami Tulu campus that will enable us to add 5th through 8th grades to what we currently offer our students. Without these classrooms, 70 of our students each year would be unable to continue their education after 4th grade.

But because of what God has done through your prayer and support, we will be signing the provisional acceptance soon. Currently, four classes are meeting, and we will be moving all of the classes at the beginning of second semester.



We praise God for what He is doing and what He will continue to do because of this new building!


Last week was Ethiopian Christmas.

Because the months of the Ethiopian calendar are different, and because the Ethiopian Orthodox Church considers January 7th to be the day of Jesus’ birth, this is the day our country celebrates Christmas.

Our entire team was excited to celebrate Christmas with our students, especially after the COVID-19 season. The last year has been such a challenging time for our students, as well as for our teachers. Political unrest led to school closures for several weeks after the school was shut down for several months due to the pandemic.

Our students have been excited to be together and to learn.




So our students enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

Students presented biblical dramas, and all the students received a simple gift and enjoyed a special lunch.

We praise God that we are nearing the end of first semester without any additional hurdles or obstacles.

Especially after the last couple of years, we are so thankful that this year is exceeding our expectations. Thank you for your prayers in this regard. They are being answered!




With great anticipation, we look forward to what God will do this year in the lives of these children He loves. Thank you for your part in this ministry.