God’s Continued Faithfulness in Bolivia

Last year, our team in Bolivia wrote these devastating words:

What we are seeing here in Bolivia is heartbreaking. The hospitals are overrun, cemeteries are full, and pharmacies are running out of medication. Daily, people are dying in the streets as they try to find a hospital with space to treat them. Due to the strict quarantine measures, most people are unable to work, meaning poverty and hunger are on the rise.


But even in these difficult times, God has remained faithful. 

Here’s a current update from our team—

Bolivia is home to more than 13,000 orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children.

Many of these children live without hope every day.

Of these 13,000 boys and girls, an estimated 5,000 live within the city of Cochabamba where Fundación Esperanza (a ministry of Lifesong for Orphans) is located.

Our team is focused on reuniting children with their families or placing orphans into families. When neither is possible, we provide holistic, Gospel-centered care for children, helping them transition successfully into adulthood.

Our team is committed to changing the trajectory of orphaned and vulnerable kids in Bolivia.


Angie, left, sits with Anita Paz, right, who is a dear friend and board member of our ministry in Bolivia.


Meet Angie

Maria Angela, known as Angie, directs our team in Bolivia. She’s also a social worker who has worked with us since 2013. Her gifting and expertise have been especially helpful to the team during the pandemic.

Angie graciously answered a few questions for us—


Q: What have been some of the biggest challenges for you and the staff during the pandemic?

A: The challenge for the staff has been to deal with so many changes at once. For example, we had to be careful not to transmit the fear that we (as adults) were feeling to the children. We also had to adjust to changes in the schedule and complying with biosafety protocols. 

Probably the most difficult thing has been not having the same, close contact with the kids. Not being able to share everything with them as we were used to doing before the pandemic.


Q: What have been some of the biggest challenges for the kids?

A: In addition to not going to school, they have been very limited in going to activities outside of our programs. Also, they’ve had to adjust to masks, face shields, and not being able to share space with the staff in the same way. Social distancing has been a challenge.

All activities were suspended in the churches attended by the children at the beginning of the pandemic. So we coordinated with Gustavo, who is the pastor of Fundación Esperanza, for him to conduct devotionals virtually.

In-person devotionals have since resumed, with biosafety measures, and at the same time, the children began to participate in virtual worship services.


Q: What is your prayer for the kids during this ongoing time of uncertainty?

A: In addition to praying for their continued safety and health, I pray that they would continue to know the goodness of God, and that—in spite of all the adversities they’ve experienced—they would keep in mind that God’s love is present all the time. And that He always takes care of them. 

I pray God continues to heal all their wounds.


You are an important part of our ministry in Bolivia. Thank you for praying with us for these kids!