It’s Really Happening! | Summer Camp in Ukraine

Though we recently shared this important update from our team in Ukraine, we’re excited to have some more good news about what God is doing now that summer has officially begun. Our team in Ukraine writes—


This summer season here in Ukraine is busy!

We have so many fun events planned… We’ve officially started our camp programs! Currently, we are going at full speed and at full capacity.

Each summer, our team hosts multiple camp programs for our students to learn about God and grow in their walk with Him. Through fun, age-appropriate activities, the kids build connections with each other and their teachers, mentors, and Lifesong staff.

And many wonderful memories are made.



Earlier this year, we prayed and specifically asked God to allow us to have camp this season. Because of COVID, we weren’t sure how He would answer or what our ministry would look like during these months, yet God graciously answered YES!

So thank you for joining us in praying for these opportunities this summer.

When you pray, you join us in this important ministry.



Our theme this summer is CONTRAST.

We’re encouraging kids to make good life choices and build their faith in a loving, living, trustworthy God. We can already see God working in their hearts, and we praise Him for this!

The first big week of VBS camp is finished. We held it for 32 kids from two orphanages.



We also hosted a New Life team at the Prostor base for their annual program for young single moms and kids.

Here in Ukraine, thousands of vulnerable young women—many with children—are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, without an adequate support system. Today over 100 young women are being served and mentored in our New Life program.

We’ve seen God do incredible things in the lives of young moms at camps like the one we’re hosting right now, so we’re humbly asking God to do more of His good work.



Would you stop and say a quick prayer for our summer camp ministry? We know without a doubt that He can do more than we ask or think, so we’re completely trusting Him with our efforts.

We thank God for these open doors and to Him belongs all the glory! Thank you for being involved in the ministry that changes lives!

—Bogdan Mazur, our Lifesong Ukraine team leader


With your help, we will keep moving toward orphaned and vulnerable children to build trustful relationships that point them to the incredible hope found only and always in Jesus.

Thank you for joining us in this important work.


Reach more kids in Ukraine with the love of Christ.

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