What’s Happening on the Farm in Zambia?

We love sustainable business and what it represents. Among its many benefits, sustainable business generates revenue to fuel orphan care projects, provides employment for caregivers, and creates future jobs for orphans as they age out of the system.

Here’s an exciting update about our farm in Zambia

Lifesong Farms in Zambia and Ukraine have built a strong partnership.

Since Lifesong Farm in Ukraine has been going strong for several years, the team has graciously and enthusiastically invested their time, energy, and years of knowledge into the newer Zambia Farm team.

And already, this exciting partnership is paying off.

Together, since 2018, they have shared farm management strategies and developed exciting new techniques. Most recently, two of our Ukraine team members—Denis and Kolya—traveled to Zambia. Now Kolya is staying for a month to help assist however he can.

Together with the Zambia team, they work hand-in-hand to learn new technology and skills that will make the Zambia farm stronger and self-sustaining.

God continues to bless the farm in Zambia.

Team members on the Zambia farm have the opportunity to develop key job skills. Also, they learn the value of hard work while earning an honest income. This is a opportunity they don’t take lightly.

Infrastructure development, farm crew growth, technology and process development, market expansion … God is teaching the Zambia and Ukraine farm teams so much about Himself and about His creation.

Ultimately, both the Zambia and Ukraine teams understand that—despite their best efforts and the greatest innovations in technology—planting, farming, and reaping are largely an act of faith. God is the One Who brings the harvest.

The Zambia and Ukraine teams start the day with prayer.

It it clear. God is in it. God is using this farm to change lives. —Denis Poshelok, Lifesong Ukraine Director

By building this system of cross-culture integration, utilizing the best technology, and investing in human capital … God is reaching children and families in need.

We are asking God Who opens the heavens to send rain on our land in season and to bless all the work of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12).

You can be part of the Zambia farm team. (Yes, you!)

Would you join in praying for God to bless this partnership and these farms? Specifically, would you pray for nice yields this year that will generate revenue to be used to help children and families in need?

It’s incredible to see how God continues to use brothers and sisters from all corners of the world to partner in farm and Gospel work.

Truly, every person—including you—is needed.

Support what God is doing in Zambia.