Small Matters: 9 Powerful Quotes


Small matters: little things can (re)make a life.

Small matters was the theme for the CAFO2020 Summit that was held last week. And like so many other events in our lives this year, the Summit looked very different than usual.

Typically, over 2000 people from 100+ nations gather in 1 place to glorify God by learning better how to love and reach children and families in need. This year the method was different—it was virtual—but the motive and the messaging were the same.

If you have a heart for orphan care, foster care, or adoption and you’ve never attended a CAFO Summit, you should put it on your calendar for next year!

Here are 9 quotes from Summit for your encouragement —


1. Our children become anxious on their own, but they learn to regulate their anxiety by watching us. —Curt Thompson
2. Our diversity is a reflection of God’s creativity. —DJ Jordan, Vice President at Pinkston Public Relations.motive
3. Growth and comfort rarely have the same address. —Tara VanderWoude, social worker, advocate, adoptee, and educator
4. We the Church should not relinquish the topics of race and diversity to the world. —DJ Jordan, Vice President at Pinkston Public Relations.
5. God’s truth must become the biggest, truest truth in our hearts. —Jedd Medefind
7. The big stuff makes for a great headline; the small stuff makes for a great life. —Bob Goff
8. Satan doesn’t need to destroy you; he just needs to distract you. —Bob Goff
9. You have been and remain the chief educator for your children as long as you have been parenting. From the moment you welcomed your child into your arms, you have been the primary and most important educator in your child’s life. —Rachel Medefind, Speaker + Home Educator

Want to join us next year? We’d love to see you! Watch for details for CAFO2021!