2020 Mid-Year Impact Report

Would you celebrate God’s faithfulness with us?

While much of life has been on hold or shut down this year, God is still at work.

Specifically, we’ve seen His faithfulness to care for the orphaned and vulnerable as we serve in new ways and old. Here are just some of the many ways God is working through people like you to transform lives, families, and communities in 2020—


girls in Zambia


Stability in Uncertainty

The communities we serve have experienced significant challenges from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

In Zambia, because schools and businesses are temporarily closed, provision is scarce. Girls as young as 4th grade are walking the streets in search of food or quick ways to make money to buy food, putting them at an even higher risk of prostitution, slavery, and trafficking just to survive. Local leaders identified 10 of our students who were most vulnerable.

You sent support so our team in Zambia could bring these younger girls into a new safe home.

In Uganda, food remains the biggest need for vulnerable families and children who livelihoods are devastated by the current lockdown. In addition to the complications of COVID-19, heavy rains have destroyed most crops that the community planted, making a tough situation even worse.

Your support has provided food to 410 families in the local community during this season of uncertainty.



4 Seats on the Last Flight Out

Before borders closed and stay-at-home orders were in effect, the McCullough family—Kelly, Laura, and their daughter, Sloane—received a Lifesong matching grant to bring home their son, Ricardo. At the beginning of February, they flew to South Africa to complete their second adoption.

The first half of their trip went according to plan. But soon, COVID-19 reached their area. And with one month and four critical steps left in their process, the President of South Africa announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Laura shared, “Leaving South Africa within two days without a South African passport for Ricardo was not humanly possible. But we weren’t looking to humans to make it possible—we were praying to the one true God.”

Ricardo’s lawyers took his case to the South African High Court. After battling all day, the judge miraculously gave them emergency documents allowing Ricardo to leave without a South African passport.

With the judge’s decree in hand, they boarded the last flight out of South Africa.

While new obstacles and challenges have affected adoption this year, God has faithfully provided for families and waiting children. Many Lifesong-supported families, just like Ricardo’s, have seen God provide for their adoption in miraculous ways during COVID-19.



Take a look at the first half of 2020.




Opening the Doors Wider to Reach More

With schools closed around the world, staff in the countries we serve have found creative ways to continue engaging and educating students through home assignments distributed along with food drops.

This year, a new medical clinic opened and is being operated on the Lifesong campus in Bercy, Haiti. The clinic gives members of our community access to critical medical care in partnership with Heart to Heart, a trusted medical ministry. In the first 19 days of operation, the clinic served over 600 patients.

When Thailand went on lockdown, our local leaders worked hard to intentionally open our doors wider to help protect as many children as possible from getting sick. Normally the team provides round-the-clock care and housing for 26 children, while transporting an additional 25 to the learning center for daily studies.

In response to COVID-19, all children who attend our learning center were invited to come and stay during stay-at-home orders so they could continue to grow and learn in a healthy environment.




Changing Lives through Sustainable Business

Lifesong Farms is now thriving in three different countries. While the farm in Uganda is still in its early stages, the farms in Ukraine and Zambia are maturing to the point of significant profits. Just this year, their collective efforts poured over $300,000 hack into the ministry.

But more than profit or produce, our prayer is that Lifesong Farms—and each of our sustainable businesses—would grow strong, Christian leaders. We praise God for using them as tools to develop key job skills in the lives of orphan graduates.



None of this is possible without you. Your partnership with Lifesong brings joy & purpose to orphans by funding adoptions, supporting international orphan care ministries, and promoting sustainable business initiatives that encourage family preservation.

Thank you for joining where God is working.

The need is great, but He is faithful. 

Reach children this year and with Gospel-centered care.


Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered.  100% of your gift will directly help children in need.