New Faith in Thailand!

Thank you for loving and supporting our kids in Cambodia & Thailand through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our teammate, Jason Glass.

What’s Happening in Thailand?

In Bangpli, Thailand, Pastor Vino and his team continue caring for nearly 30 children full time in his church and learning center. Due to quarantine procedures, however, we are no longer able to pick up children each day from campsites and homes to attend the learning center. Many of our regular students are quarantined on construction sites, living with family members, some of whom have been out of work for some time now.

Thankfully, we are seeing the Lord provide opportunities for us to continue to reach out to these children and their families.

Through a generous outpouring of special donations, we are providing food and other necessities to our students who are currently on campsites or other housing developments. Through personal calls and live streaming worship services, Pastor Vino provides daily encouragement to these children. Our older students on quarantine have also stepped up greatly by leading worship sessions for those in their immediate communities as well as helping to provide academic lessons for younger children.


In Thaialand, the kids safely quarantined at the Lifesong mission sing worship songs.

Missionary teachers are unable to come and teach. But on-site in Bangpli at the Lifesong mission, Pastor Vino and his team have faithfully and joyfully stepped up to fill in the gaps. Children continue engaging in daily lessons and worship, and the Lord continues to confirm the work and bring forth fruit.


3 New Followers of Jesus!

Three of our newest students—Jua, Na, and Ngew—moved into the church two months ago, just before the COVID crisis intensified. All three are originally from Cambodia and are here in Thailand with parents or other family members who work construction.

This past weekend, all three of these boys professed faith in Christ.




Jua, 10 years old, was abandoned by his parents at age 3 and adopted by another family in the community. Now Jua says, “God cares and provides me with many things.”

Na, also 10 years old, has parents that work on a construction site in a different province. Being able to live at the church has given him an opportunity to attend the learning center and hear the Gospel daily. When he first moved in, Na had a foul mouth and no intention of conforming to rules or adjusting his carefree way of life. Still bold to speak, Na now uses his words to give testimony in the daily meetings of how “God is good and helps the poor.”

Ngew, 12 years old, also has parents that live on a construction site in a different province. Daily lessons have revealed a gift for language, as Ngew is quickly improving in his ability to speak and understand Thai. Ngew testifies that “God protects me from COVID-19. God is my healer.”


What’s New in Cambodia?

In Phnom Penh and Takeo, our local leaders are working hard to make sure children in their surrounding communities are not forgotten during this season. In both places, this means going into the communities and meeting children where they are.

And in Phnom Penh, this also means continuing to open the church as a safe place for children to gather, receive basic supplies, and hear the Gospel. Our older students in Takeo are working with Pastor Mony to use specially donated funds to purchase food and other supplies—such as hand sanitizer—to take into local villages, along with portable audio players containing Bible teaching.

Please pray for continued protection for our local leaders and our children as they continue to put faith over fear and extend the hand of Christ to those most vulnerable during this time of need.



$50 provides one month of food & hygiene supplies to one person. And as always, 100% of your gift goes directly to the need, helping orphaned and vulnerable kids.