Responding During Crisis and Reaching More Children

Travel may be limited right now due to the crisis, but we’d love for you to visit 3 of our ministry sites around the world to see what God is doing through your prayer and support to reach children in need—no travel required.


First stop: Uganda

With Uganda still on lockdown, daily life continues to be challenging.

Nobody in Uganda is allowed to drive personal vehicles, all borders are closed except for cargo, and curfew begins at 7pm. So food and supplies are scarce. Our team is working hard to take the love of Christ where it is needed most.

Take a look—


Second Stop: Thailand

While the capital city (and most populous city) of Thailand continues in lockdown, our local leaders at Lifesong Thailand continue working hard to provide care and discipleship to over 50 children every day.

As schools, businesses, and churches are closed, Pastor Vino and our team are safely but intentionally opening our doors wider to help protect as many children as possible from getting sick. Normally, our team provides round-the-clock care and housing for 26 children, while transporting an additional 20–25 children to our learning center daily from various migrant housing communities and campsites. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the team is offering housing for all the children who attend our learning center.

Hear what our teammate Jason has to share—


Third Stop: Zambia

In Zambia, schools are often the most dependable place a child can receive meals. Not only do schools prevent hunger, but they also provide a layer of protection against trafficking. With schools closed, kids are highly vulnerable to being abused and trafficked.

Hear from our team in Zambia—.

Unintended Effects of the Crisis

With jobs lost and employment low, adults and children are roaming in search of food. Young girls, especially, are expected to help provide for their families at any cost.

Further, without food, school, or employment, girls as young as 4th grade are out walking the streets, putting them at even higher risk of prostitution, slavery, and trafficking just to survive. So providing food is no small thing. It helps keep families together and creates opportunities to share the truth of the Gospel.

Right now in Zambia, food is life-saving

Our team is working to reach and protect children—especially the 40 girls into our care. Take a look—


Join this mission to save lives.

Children around the world who were scared and hungry a few weeks ago are now being fed and cared for because of people like you. Additionally, our students have the tools and knowledge they need to practice good hygiene and protect themselves from COVID-19.

That said, there are still children in 13 countries we serve around the world who desperately need our help. While travel is restricted right now you can still join in delivering the Good News to orphaned and vulnerable children across the world.

Together, we can reach them with food, support, and the love of Christ.

So will you join this life-saving mission today?.

Your gift ensures orphaned and vulnerable children will be reached in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

And now through June 30, 2020, your gift supporting Lifesong’s COVID-19 response is matched up to $100,000. Meaning you’ll send critical care to twice as many kids! 

Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered. 100% of your gift will go where it’s most needed to support vulnerable children in places where coronavirus is a real and present threat.