Radical Business: In Partnership with God

What’s the relationship between pig feed and being radical about your faith?

That’s one of the questions Gary and Marla Ringger answered during their recent interview on the FamilyLife Today podcast.

Gary Ringger—Founder and President of Lifesong for Orphans—was a successful Christian businessman who wanted to honor God with his business. He recently wrote his first book, Radical Business, and sat down with FamilyLife Today to talk about his journey.

Here are 5 quick highlights from the conversation—


1. “I wrote a contract with God using a piece of paper and pen.”

It basically said, “God, if you make this business successful and we ever sell, we’ll use it for ministry.” The contract made it tangible. The business no longer belonged to me; it belonged to God. What God chose to do with that contract is extraordinary.


2. “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to Him.” —D.L. Moody

God started to do a work in my business, but He started to do an even greater work in me. I began feeling the tug to get out of business and into ministry. Little did I know what God would do.


3. “I started experiencing God in ways I had never experienced Him before.”

We had no idea what God would do or how he would use our business to create Lifesong for Orphans to help adoptive families and to reach orphans in 13 countries around the world. God does incredible things when we give Him back what is already His.


4. “Instead of a tithe mentality, I choose to have a finish line mentality.”

I believe in asking, “How much is enough?” and then giving the rest away. I’m a steward of God’s stuff, not an owner.


5. “Today’s the day for you to write a contract.

What would it be like to sit down and really mean the words: “God, my life is Yours.” What could he do with your life and business if you surrendered both to Him?


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Have you ever asked God to put a Kingdom burden on your heart?

Gary Ringger wrote a book to help you transform your story from ownership to stewardship.