Esther’s Story: Finding Jesus in Haiti

You may have heard in the news about political unrest and protests in Haiti recently.

Before the protests began, 70% of kids in Haiti didn’t attend school regularly. And when they did come to school, there was a good chance their teacher wouldn’t show up.

With recent protests, far fewer kids attend school.

Almost 60% of people in Haiti live on an income that is less than $2 each day. And about 60-70% of Haitian people do not have a job; poverty is extremely high.

With recent protests, that number has grown.

Yet, we will not be deterred.

By God’s grace, our ministry continues to reach the community.  We are still growing leaders in Christ, who we believe can change the nation of Haiti. One of those leaders is *Esther.


Meet Esther

Esther is 15 years old and in Grade 9 at Lifesong School in Bercy, Haiti. She loves Jesus and laughing with her friends, and she is confident about her future.

But before coming to Lifesong, her life was filled with uncertainty. As her family’s sole provider, Esther’s mother relied on finding work at the local market. Sometimes she was able to earn enough money to provide food for her four children. But other times, their family went to bed hungry. 


When Everything Changed

But when Esther’s mom registered her at Lifesong School, everything changed. Esther moved into the Family Life Residences on campus where she is given three meals a day, a secure place to live, and a quality education.

She shared—

“My house parents love me well. Everything they do for their biological children, they do the same for me and the other kids living in their house.”




Esther’s house parents and teachers share the Gospel with her every day. As a result, she accepted Jesus as her Savior! With a quality education and steady discipleship, her future is bright. She wants to be a nurse, among many other things.

Thanks to people like you caring about girls like Esther, she’s being equipped with the skills to achieve her dreams and become a leader for Jesus in her community. 

“I would like to say thank you to all the donors. What they are doing is not in vain. Even though we might not be able to repay them, we can do the same thing for somebody else.




*Name changed for privacy.