The 4 Teachers Every Child Needs


Every child’s life is impacted by teachers.

Maybe you can remember teachers who were helpful or hurtful in your own life.

With World Teacher’s Day right around the corner, we’re praising God for the blessings he’s poured out on the children we serve through amazing, Christ-centered teachers around the world. Since we serve kids in 13 countries, we also employ teachers in all of those countries who make great personal sacrifice for the kids in our care.

Every teacher is vital in our lives and in the lives of the vulnerable children we support.

Here are the 4 teachers every child needs—

1. School Teachers

Whether children learn at home, in the public school, or a private school, every child needs loving adults who commit to their education.

The 18th-century surgeon, John Warren, once said, “The teacher’s task is to initiate the learning process and then get out of the way.”

Here at Lifesong…

We employ dozens of teachers in 13 different countries. Would you lift our teachers up in prayer? Specifically, would you pray for wisdom, purpose, and vision that will carry them through this new school year with all its challenges and opportunities?

2. Parents

Parents are hugely impactful in the lives of their children—not just because of what they provide, but because of what they teach.

David Platt once said, “Our goal in parenting is not ultimately for our kids to get a great education or to be great athletes or to find a great husband or to get a great career. Our goal is for them to love a great God.”

Here at Lifesong…

It’s our goal to preserve and create families through family preservation strategies and adoption financial assistance. We believe every child deserves the love of a family. Would you pray with us for children who are waiting for parents?

A secondary-level teacher at Lifesong MBO – Haiti.

3. Pastors & Spiritual Leaders

Pastors and spiritual leaders can have more impact on a child than just about anyone. They are responsible for helping guide and nurture a child’s walk with God, of which there is nothing more important.

Pastor John Piper said, “As pastors, I don’t think our people can give us anything more useful than to earnestly intercede with God on our behalf.”

Here at Lifesong…

We’re privileged to have amazing men and women shepherding flocks in the countries we serve. Would you pray for our in-country spiritual leaders to be strengthened, empowered, and faithful?

  • Pastors Leonid & Vladimir (Ukraine)
  • Pastor Micah & Happiness (Tanzania)
  • Gustavo & Kathryn (Bolivia)
  • Pastors Vino, Somnang, & Mooni (Thailand/Cambodia)
  • Maron & Precious (Zambia)
  • Pastors Ronnie & Ritah (Uganda)
  • Pastor David (Guatemala)
  • Pastor Octavien (Haiti)
  • Emmanuel & Ramona (Haiti)
  • Zebdeos & Solomon (Ethiopia)

4. Mentors

Every kid needs an adult in his or her life—in addition to parents, school teachers, and pastors—who will speak truth into their lives.

A former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate, Josh Shipp said it best, “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

Here at Lifesong…

Because we believe mentoring is one of the key components for a child to transition into adulthood, we have transition homes and Student Life homes in multiple countries for teens and young adults. And we offer New Life mentorship in Ukraine for young, at-risk mothers. Would you pray with us for those who mentor? They have incredible opportunities for impact.

Whether here in the United States or around the world, children need all 4 teachers committed to their growth and godliness. At this time of year when we honor those who teach, thank you for praying with us for those committed to the task!

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