10 Things to Know About Sponsoring a Child

Many of us have great intentions to change the world.

We hate seeing poverty. We want all children to know they are loved.

But our own lives are also busy. We’re not rich or powerful. What can we possibly do that would make a difference?

God has given Lifesong the opportunity to have “feet on the ground” in over a dozen countries around the world where we get to work directly with vulnerable children. And through Child Sponsorship, you get the chance to be part of that.

Here are a few reasons to consider sponsoring a child:..

1. You make a difference.

It’s easy to underestimate the impact sponsorship has on a child. Not only are basic needs (such as food, clothing, and shelter) met, but also a sense of belonging is given that money can’t buy. Sponsorship says, “You matter!” to a child who is longing for acceptance and hope for a future.

2. One more child hears the Gospel.

Our #1 goal is for each child to hear the truth about Jesus, and your sponsorship ensures that.

3. You broaden your worldview.

When you learn about a child across the globe, you (and your children/family) gain a better understanding about another culture..

4. You are putting a face and a name to fighting poverty.

You’re already bothered by issues like famine, starvation, underdevelopment, and homelessness. Sponsoring a child is something tangible you can do about it.

5. You get to pray for a specific child.

Other than our staff, you may be the only person praying for that child by name, and it’s so special for them to know that.

6. You invest in community.

Your sponsorship helps give a child the gift of education, which is not possible for many kids around the world. Each educated child has the incredible potential to lead his or her community for decades to come in powerful ways.

7. You’ll honor God.

Scripture tells us what a blessing it is to give, and specifically how it pleases God when we care for children who are close to His heart. He loves fatherless and vulnerable children, and we honor Him when we love His kids.

8. You can initiate generational change.

By providing one child with new opportunities that may not have existed for his or her parents, you can help break the cycle of poverty in that family.

9. You can see where your money is going.

Lifesong will send periodic updates about that child’s community, and you get to see what God is doing there.

10. You get to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

God is already in the business of bringing these children into His family, and sponsoring gives you the opportunity to be part of what He is doing.


Child Sponsorship is a simple way to make a sustainable difference for a child in need. Would you sponsor a child today?


Sponsor a child. Change a life.

We don’t just want to reach more orphans and vulnerable kids. We want to reach them more deeply. This means providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel and become future leaders in their communities. Your sponsorship is vital to this!

Visit our website to see profiles of children in need of sponsors, or our FAQ page to learn more. Feel free to contact sponsorship@lifesong.org with any additional questions!