Reaching the Fatherless Among the Unreached

There are orphans in every country and every people group around the world. The fatherless are in our communities, and the fatherless are often among the unreached.


Who are the unreached?

According to the Joshua Project, an unreached people group is one in which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize that people group. Three of the countries in which Lifesong serves are overwhelmingly unreached: Cambodia (*99.3%), India (*96%), and Thailand (*88.2%).

Though it seems spiritually dark in these countries, God’s love shines brightly through men and women who have been called to serve the fatherless. Because we believe the Gospel is the “power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16), every child we serve is taught the Gospel and how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ.

God is using orphan care as an avenue to reach these children who are close to His heart! Children who may have never had access to truth are now being transformed by Jesus. Kids like . . . 


Sam in Cambodia

18-year-old Sam is from the Takeo Province in Southern Cambodia where he grew up wandering through this countryside, doing whatever he pleased.

In 2015 Sam met Pastor Mony who shared the Gospel with him. By God’s grace, Sam accepted an invitation to move to the church children’s home—which was closer to Sam’s school—so he could study the Bible and learn to know God better. In his words, “When I came here, God changed my life.”

He’s now attending university in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, so he can be a teacher and tell children about God. Hear him tell his story here.


Anand in India

Orphaned and in the 10th grade, Anand moved into the care of Lifesong staff. At our home, Anand was introduced to Jesus Christ, and he soon began to pray and seek to know God.

Anand began to study the Bible in depth and started praying fervently. Eventually, he trusted Christ and was baptized by our own staff. He loves the Lord with heart, soul, and mind, and today he is a strong ambassador of Jesus in college.


Joseph in Thailand

Our team members in Thailand met Joseph in 2014 during an outreach event. Since that day, his life has significantly changed. Most importantly, Joseph has come to know Jesus, which has resulted in his parents professing faith in Christ as well!

He now serves as the primary translator during evening worship services held for Cambodian workers.


These are three lives that have been transformed by the Gospel, taught to them through orphan care. We are so thankful for how God, in His love, is pursing these children!


But there are still millions of more children like them.

This Sunday is International Day for the Unreached. As it approaches, would you join us in prayer for children who don’t have access to the Gospel?

Would you commit to praying for those we serve?

Prayer is the response that others may not see, and though it may not always produce immediate results, it always holds the most power. We would be honored for you to join our Prayer Team! Sign up and receive a monthly update of recent prayer requests and praises from all across our ministry.


*Statistics gathered from Joshua Project.