5 Reasons to Come to Haiti with Us


You are invited.

Whether you’d like to build a team at your church or join an already-existing team, we’d love for you to plan your mission trip with us.


Here are 5 reasons to come visit—


1. You’ll participate in Gospel work.

The Gospel is the main reason to go.

Are you passionate about taking the love of Christ to hurting people?

A short-term mission trip provides you with a unique opportunity to partner with faithful missionaries to intentionally love and serve people. On your trip, you’ll be part of our established community outreach and our kids/teen ministry.

“Missions is the joyous work of informing the world that it is loved.”
—Calvin Miller

2. You’ll challenge your comfort zone.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Haiti has survived decades of devastating natural disasters, crop damages, food shortages, and housing crises. All of this has resulted in high levels of homelessness, unemployment, and malnutrition. As many as 26% of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition, and many know nothing of the love of Christ.

After some recent political unrest, Haiti is returning to “life as normal” and needs the love of Christ today more than ever.

On your trip, you’ll stay at our safe guest house, which doubles as a sustainable business on the campus. You’ll visit medical clinics and see needs first-hand.


3. You’ll meet incredible people.

Haitian people are resilient.

Yes, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, but Haitian people are of far more value than the sum of their economy. They are generous and hospitable with big smiles and bigger hearts.

Currently, we serve 2,460 children and work alongside 277 in-country staff partners through our Christian School, student life homes, and sustainable businesses.

On your trip, you’ll be able to meet children and families we’re privileged to serve.

4. You’ll have opportunities to serve.

Mission trips are about service.

Mission trips provide excellent opportunities to serve in unseen ways. Whether it’s helping fellow teammates, encouraging the full-time missionaries, or interacting with the kids, you’ll have the ability to serve people—each one made in the image of God and worthy of His love. On your trip, you’ll be a partner in this ministry. You’ll be invited to care as deeply about it as we do. We’ll pray and worship together and then you can pray with understanding once you get back home.

5. You’ll be part of a bigger story.

God is doing wonderful things in Haiti.

The reality is that God doesn’t need any of us to accomplish His good purposes. But He invites us—via the Great Commission—to join Him in the important work of taking His compassion to the world. Come celebrate what God is doing.

On your trip, you’ll partner with fellow believers doing Kingdom work. And, Lord-willing, the benefits—for everyone involved—will be eternal.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we each have a role to play in taking the good news of the Gospel to a hurting world. There are many ways to do this—give, send, pray, go.

This is your invitation to go.