6-year old Getabalew could be a statistic.

A few years ago, he lost his father who died during a fishing accident while providing food for their family.

Today, Getabalew lives in a tiny, 10’x15′ one-room home where a red curtain divides the bed and sitting area. His mother washes clothes and sheets at a local hotel to provide for him and his 3 siblings. They have little money.

Without people like you caring about kids like Getabalew, his chances of going to school and earning a degree that will give him a way out of poverty would be slim.

But people like you are caring for Getabalew.


Our Schools in Ethiopia

Our schools in Ethiopia are supported by gifts from people who believe God calls us to serve orphans and those who cannot care for themselves. Without it, many of the children who attend might never learn the Gospel or break the poverty cycle.

Currently, we provide high quality education across 3 school campuses–2 in Ziway and 1 in Adami Tulu. We educate students from Nursery through eighth grade.

  • 1,295 children are currently supported and discipled through our schools in Ethiopia
  • 98%, on average, pass their local state exams
  • 2 nutritious meals are provided to each student every day. This feeding program improves each student’s overall health, as well as provides them with the energy to be alert in the classroom and helps them perform well in their education.

With your help, children like Getabalew have the opportunity to go to school.

But even more than that, they are loved and cared for. Each student receives 2 nutritious meals a day, unconditional love & support, and a quality education.

$34 cares for one child for one month. $408 cares for one child for one year.

However, we need your help to continue caring for these children and to reach more in 2019. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by December 31st.

This would give 245 kids just like Getabalew the opportunity for education next year.


Will you give to help children have a greater opportunity to break free from poverty?

Help Children Excel in Ethiopia.

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