Look What God’s Doing in Tanzania!

God continues to do good things with your prayer and support in Tanzania. Here’s a recent update from our team–.

It’s always a tense day when grades are released, because here in Tanzania, a school’s student count for the next year is decided by a school’s test performance the previous year.

Standard 7 is the last year of primary school in Tanzania, and graduating Primary School students are required to take this particular exam. So it’s a good indicator of where the kids are as they leave Primary School.

This year our students ranked #150 out of 10,090 schools—placing them in the top 1.4% of schools with more than 40 students. 

While this accomplishment is already a great reason to celebrate, we are even more excited about what God has done because many of our students have faced extraordinary challenges and backgrounds that could easily discourage them from doing their best. And yet our students—as well as their teachers—have worked hard and earned this achievement!

We praise the Lord for His continued blessing on these students.

As well, thank YOU for your support of this ministry. God is using you to reach children in Tanzania with Gospel love and care.


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