Introducing Bangkok Biscuits!

Because of your support, sponsorship, and prayer, new and exciting things continue to happen in Cambodia and Thailand. Here is a recent update from our team–


Meet Sam


Sam is one of three students from our home in Takeo who has just graduated from high school. One of the first children to move into the home when we opened in 2016, he has been an integral part in establishing a family environment and providing leadership.

Sam acts as an older brother to the rest of the children, leading by example in serving others. He cooks meals, works in the rice field, intentionally disciples younger children, and leads student outreaches to nearby villages.



His love for the Lord and for others has sparked his desire to become a teacher. Having a university degree in education will provide lots of job opportunities for Sam and will further equip him in his dream to help his country in teaching the next generation.

Sam’s dream is to teach students who are poor and cannot afford school. He wants to show God’s love to those who are easily overlooked or forgotten.

In addition to teaching at a local school, Sam’s goal is to remain involved with the ministry and help teach and disciple the children living in the home where he spent the last two years. We are thankful for this young man and his love for God and others. Thank you for your part in his story!


Introducing Bangkok Biscuits!

Our children in Bangpli love learning to cook! So this past summer, we began exploring the idea of teaching them how to make various kinds of biscuits to sell—primarily to the international community that is prevalent in Bangkok.


With very few places in Thailand offering biscuits on the menu, we’ve discovered a unique market with many possibilities. By using profits from initial sales to buy a new oven, we now have the equipment needed to not only keep up with biscuit orders, but to expand into new opportunities to make and sell other baked goods as well.

As most of our children in Bangpli are unable to attend formal school, learning how to cook is not only an enjoyable (and tasty!) hobby, but it also creates opportunities for sustainability. This is especially important as the children grow into young adults.

Please keep this venture—and our young cooks—in prayer as we seek to solidify and grow our customer base.

God is doing exciting things here in Thailand and Cambodia. Thank you for being an important part of this effort to reach children with the love of Christ.



You can support this ministry through child sponsorship.