Wanted: More People to Help Kids Like Davison

For children sponsored in Zambia, attending school is a privilege, not a burden.

In poverty-stricken communities like Kitwe, children are often left to fend for themselves while parents desperately search for ways to feed and care for the family. Without proper motivation, many children end up dropping out of school, leaving little to no hope of breaking the poverty cycle.

“The compound”–as it is called by people in the community–can be a place of violence, crime, or abuse, certainly not a good environment for students to thrive in their education or grow in their relationship with Christ.

With your help, Lifesong Zambia established a school almost a decade ago for the purpose of providing over 300 orphaned and vulnerable children with a quality Christian education. Additionally–through the vision and funding of people like you–Student Life Homes were constructed to serve as a safe haven for older students who lived in the compound.

For many kids, like Davidson, sponsorship to Lifesong School is a life-changer.



Meet Davison.

Davison began attending Lifesong School in Zambia 8 years ago and is now in the 10th grade.

Like many kids his age, Davison hasn’t always been committed to school or to making wise choices. Years ago, he was more interested in finding acceptance amongst his peers than he was pleasing God or helping his mom. But then a generous sponsor stepped forward and committed to help Davison pursue the type of education and training that would put him on the path to a bright future.

Davison’s story is now a promising one.

Davison works hard, loves God and others, and is making the most of his time in the Student Life Home. Christian mentors encourage him to focus on his studies and grow his faith.

By God’s grace and with faithful sponsorship, students like Davison will thrive and graduate from school better prepared to enter the community and serve the Lord.

In His words—

“God has, through Lifesong, really changed my life. I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to my sponsor for that.”


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