The Gift of Monday Mornings | Liberia Update

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Tests. Homework. Projects. Many students around the U.S. do not consider Mondays–and specifically going back to school–to be a gift. Far from it.

Not so in Liberia. Many, many children are unable to attend school on a regular basis. And for them, it can be the difference between a future filled or desolate of hope and opportunity.
Lifesong Liberia is thankful for the incredible privilege of having schools on site at both of our homes where 200+ children–including the children in our care along with kids from the community–are invited to receive a good education from dedicated teachers. We are honored to work with Liberian nationals who are passionate about rescuing and caring for destitute and abandoned children.
Meet two such staff members who serve as educators and role models at Lifesong School in Liberia. We are grateful for these two (and many others!) who faithfully love and serve the children, all for the glory of God.

Meet Pastor Samuel

Hello! I’m the Principal at the Lifesong School. I’m married and have two daughters–Charity and Glady. My love and passion for children led me six years ago to start teaching and helping kids in my community through community study classes and soccer. Through my community services, I was invited to serve the orphans as a teacher and later promoted to the rank of Vice Principal.

Pastor SamuelI find much fulfillment in what I do because it gives me an opportunity to share Christ with these kids and to disciple them as well.

–Pastor Samuel

Over the years I have led many kids in our school to Christ and watched them grow in Him. Presently, I serve as Principal and teach Bible, Math, History, and English. My prayer is to see many kids come to Christ through our schools. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

Meet Mrs. Mercy Wilson

Hello! I presently serve as Registrar and teacher of the 1st grade class of the Lifesong School. I find joy in working with children and especially teaching them new things. When I teach children, I learn much from them, and this actually helps me build many wonderful relationships with orphans and kids from the community that come to our school.

Mrs MercyBeing a teacher is more than just teaching a child how to read and write. It is actually putting your life into a child and really being a parent to them.

–Mercy Wilson

I have 31 kids in my class, 20 girls and 11 boys. This is strange because in Liberia, education was for boys and not girls. Things are changing because we now have a woman as President of Liberia! The girls in the 1st grade class are keeping up with the boys and are making good grades.
I love singing, teaching drama, and cooking. And I am grateful to be a Christian.

YOU are a member of the team!

Every time you pray or give to support Lifesong Liberia, you become an integral member of the team. Thank you for loving and supporting the children whose futures are bright because of God’s goodness in the form of education. Next time you help a student with homework or studying, remember the students and staff in Liberia who are thankful to be doing the same!

Thank you for praying for the work in Liberia.