Why Education Is Serious Joy in Zambia

Recently, a small team from Lifesong had the opportunity to put feet on the ground in Zambia.

And they saw first-hand what God is doing through ministry partners and supporters like you. What the team discovered in their brief but beneficial visit was an overwhelming testament to the goodness of God.

Even greater than the magnificent scenery and the kind reception, the team was excited to meet children and families anxious to know the love of Christ. In poverty-stricken communities like Kitwe, children are often left to fend for themselves and end up dropping out of school. Without education or vocational training, these precious kids-turned-young-adults have little to no hope of breaking the poverty cycle.




Because of these trends, Lifesong Zambia established a school almost a decade ago for the purpose of providing over 300 orphaned and vulnerable children with a quality Christian education, ultimately equipping young people with tools and training that will promote family preservation and orphan prevention.

While on this recent trip, Andy Lehman, Vice President at Lifesong, addressed the students in the high school, saying—

“It’s overwhelming to think that 9 years ago many of you were sitting in a makeshift school, with dirt floors in a little church building in the compound. And today we are meeting here in this incredible high school building with a computer lab, science lab, and other resources. Amazing! But even more amazing than that is how God has given you the gift of teachers, mentors, and houseparents who are pouring themselves out for you! God is so very good.”

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The old school (left) and the new (right)

The students readily agreed. The last school building and the current school building are worlds apart.

And yet, the observable growth is not just physical. It is also–and most encouraging to the team–spiritual. The group observed first-hand the students’ growth since their last visit. These kids have tasted of the goodness of God and have found Him to be all that He promised.

One student, specifically, captured their attention. Robison began attending Lifesong schools 3 years ago. He was 16 years old and enrolled in grade 7 when he started. Robison is a life-changer in his school. He works hard and challenges his classmates. He stood before the student body and communicated the following message to the team while they were there–

IMG_8912Because of you guys, I am at school, and I’m growing in intelligence and knowledge of Christ. Life without Christ is not life at all. This school shows us Christ. There is no school which can compare to ours. Thank you very much, and may God be with you.

God continues to throw wide the doors of His providence for the students like Robison. The team came home in awe of God’s faithful provision over years. What started for Lifesong as building a grade school grew into establishing a high school and has since become creating Student Housing.


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