The Power of Adoption Fundraising

At Lifesong, we believe funding an adoption is more than a means to an end.

We believe the power of adoption fundraising is found in the tangible expression of Christian community—individuals whose hearts are knit together by humble generosity and a shared commitment to help bring a waiting child into a family.

By fundraising for an adoption, you’re not only making it possible to bring a waiting child into your family. You’re inviting your community to be part of an important story God is writing.

Recently, our team heard from Matt, an adoptive dad whose words further illustrate the power of adoption fundraising.

Here’s what he had to say—

We are currently waiting to adopt our fourth child.

Earlier this year, we were chosen by a birth mom in a nearby city. The child we thought was going to be our son was born June 4.

On June 3, the birth mom stopped communicating with us and our agency, and in the end chose to keep her son.

We have three other adopted children who are now 5, 6, and 7, so we’ve been pretty busy, but we are back on the wait list again with our agency.

“The matching grant provided by Lifesong was the only reason we could move forward with a fourth adoption.”

I cannot express how grateful and blessed we’ve been because of it. The adoption financial stress can be overwhelming, but it’s now behind us as our expenses have now been paid.

The financial assistance made it easy to raise funds.

As the leaders of a nonprofit we created in 2014, we’re in a complicated position. We’ve already gone to everyone within our sphere of influence to fundraise for that nonprofit and didn’t feel comfortable approaching them again for our adoption.

It seemed like too much to ask.

Lifesong provided us with some advice/counsel and then the matching grant made it so much easier to raise funds and get other people involved in our adoption.

If you believe God is leading your family to adopt, but the financial piece is holding you back, we want to help. We’ve got resources, networks, and many families who have navigated these waters before, and we’re ready to link arms with you.

Intimidated by adoption finances?

We guide adopting families through the fundraising process, removing the financial barriers to adoption. Download Lifesong’s free adoption financial assistance application to receive matching grants, interest-free loans, and access to our free crowdfunding platform!