The Cost of Adoption and Our Priceless Story of Building a Family

We knew God could do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine,

but the cost of adoption felt like a burden.

We saw Him show up in our fundraising in so many incredible ways—and the Lifesong grant and *Both Hands Project were a major part of that.

“We are so grateful for the kindness and generosity of the Body of Christ. It was a joy and blessing to invite so many people into our story and to share with others the gift of bringing our little girl home.”

*Both Hands is a long-time partner in ministry with Lifesong

There are so many ways we saw God provide.

The goal of doing a Both Hands project was to serve widows, orphans, and adoptive families by connecting them with local volunteers for a day of service that also raises funds for adoptions.

When we first started our project, we were searching for a project manager. Some of our friends at church suggested getting in touch with Dave, the building manager for our church.

We didn’t know Dave personally, but we knew he was an expert craftsman and did high-quality work.

We presented our project and why we were doing it. He agreed to help us without knowing us, and he and his wife, Nancy, both joined us to go meet our widow, Patti, and survey her house.

When we arrived, Dave and Patti realized they knew each other, which was truly amazing and affirmed to everyone that this was exactly what God wanted! Dave and Nancy did an amazing job overseeing our project, which ended up bringing in our $12,000.

Since that time, Dave and Nancy have become dear friends, and now that our daughter is in our lives, they have become Grandpa Dave and Grandma Nancy. They watch our daughter regularly so my husband and I can still have date nights.

“God has not only blessed us with our beautiful little girl, but He has given us more family in this process.”

We truly felt cared for and seen in the adoption process.

The cost of an adoption felt overwhelming and was a major stressor, but Lifesong helped alleviate that. Just knowing that there were ways to raise the funds and having a step-by-step process was incredibly helpful.

Being connected to a community that understands adoption and is working to help families adopt is very encouraging.

We are so grateful and praise God that organizations like Lifesong exist to serve adoptive families. Thank you so very much!

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