The Moment We Knew God Would Provide | An Adoption Story

This month we’re honoring National Adoption Month and sharing stories of how God chooses to provide for families in the adoption process. Here’s a story from Toni and Alex who recently adopted with Lifesong funding.

Toni writes—

We had already been matched with a birth family when we found Lifesong.

We were specifically looking for a non-profit that would do two things—

  1. allow tax deductible donations to go towards our adoption expenses
  2. allow 100% of donations to go towards our adoption

So Lifesong was the perfect fit.

Here’s the unexpected way God chose to provide.

My parents owned a historic building in downtown Alexandria, MN. For years, my mom had a home decor business in that building with apartments in the upper level. After she sold the business, she kept ownership of the building. Unfortunately, there was a fire next door and her entire building (along with several others) were destroyed.

It was a devastating loss for our family and our community.

But God had a plan, as He always does.

My parents had decided to gift a portion of the insurance money to a church or charity. They sat on that money until God showed them where to use it.

During this time, we shared that God was calling us to adopt. That’s when it clicked for them. They chose to generously gift us money to help cover the cost of our adoption.

Wow! The only hang-up would be finding a non-profit so it would be tax-deductible.

Enter Lifesong.

God used a tragedy and turned it into something beautiful. With the generosity of my parents and the help of Lifesong, we were able to bring our son home.

God chose to provide in non-financial ways, too.

In addition to providing for us financially, we saw God provide in other ways. Here are two examples:

First, our son’s birth parents never intended to conceive and were taking responsible steps not to, but they ended up getting pregnant anyway. During one of their prenatal appointments, the doctors discovered a tumor that led to my son’s birth mother having surgery. Without our son’s conception, the tumor might have gone undiscovered for a long time, and might have even cost her life.

Second, after our son was born, we stayed in a rental home for a week and a half until we could cross state lines. It was a challenging time—adjusting to a newborn, getting little sleep, being confined to a small house with three additional kids. And then on top of it all, we got the stomach virus.

Finally, one afternoon I took the kids to a nearby park to get some fresh air. On the way back to the house, I looked down and these words were etched into the concrete driveway of our rental home: God is good.

I knew in that moment that God was with us, and He loved us and would take care of us. That didn’t necessarily mean everything would go according to my plan, but it did mean God would be good through it all.

Yes, God is good.

Here at Lifesong, we’ve learned that, when it comes to adoption, there’s no one-size-fits-all path, and that’s where God’s creativity shines. Every story of God’s provision is as unique and personal as the family who tells it.

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