Naomi Gives Back to Lifesong

Naomi arrived in the U.S. for the first time on Christmas Day 2009.

As a little girl growing up in an orphanage in Ethiopia, Naomi promised God that if He gave her a family, she would serve Him with her whole life. She said—

“All I asked for was a family to want me, and to belong somewhere safe.”

At age five, Naomi was matched with a loving family.

At Lifesong, we were honored to support Naomi’s family with an adoption matching grant.

So she was adopted along with her little brother and her best friend. The three of them had lived together and formed deep attachments with each other in the orphanage.

Naomi with her sister and brother
Naomi, left, with her sister and brother

Naomi still remembers being welcomed at the airport by friends and family and how her new siblings ran up to greet her with hugs and shouts of joy.

“Their excitement made me feel like I belonged in this family. We do.”

In time, she and her six siblings would bond over games, music, and their shared faith. They would grow up together as a tight-knit group in a family that would openly teach them about God’s great love and good plan for each of their lives.

Last year, Naomi gave back.

Watch this one-minute video to see why Naomi chose to give back

Naomi Gives Back to Lifesong

Growing up, I realized that the answer to the prayer I prayed years ago involved so many people along the way. So that’s why I chose to give to Lifesong—to continue supporting the organization that helped me in my need.

It took a community of people each doing their part to make sure Naomi’s prayer was answered, including:

a family willing to open their hearts and home.

advocates, social workers, and caregivers willing to press through the legal and logistical challenges.

And it took givers like you who were willing to make it financially possible.

God did give Naomi the family she prayed for. And, true to her word, Naomi loves God and is serving Him wholeheartedly.

This year, join Naomi in helping care for orphans.

Give to help orphaned and vulnerable children know they are seen, known, and loved.

100% of your gift to Lifesong directly helps children in need. TMG Foundation and key partners cover our fundraising and administrative costs, so your entire gift goes where you want it to go.