Funding the Adoption Journey: One Family’s Story

One of our greatest privileges is hearing from families on their adoption journey. Walking alongside these families, we’re reminded that adoption is not just an event; it’s a lifelong commitment to love and support.

We’re honored to be a small part of stories like this one from Eric and Lori—

During our adoption journey,

we were intentional about adoption not being a “plan b” option for us. We know that adoption is not simply filling a hole in our lives but comes from a true call and deep conviction. We’re humbled to raise a child and overjoyed to extend ourselves in unconditional love.

So we were grateful to be connected to a community of adoptive families and have a simple way for our family and friends to support us in our process.

The generosity of the Lifesong donors enabled us to reach our funding goals, particularly through the Matching Grant.

We’re so grateful we learned about the mission, and we continue to share about it with people we meet on the adoption journey.

The biggest help for us on our adoption journey was the financial support.

The Matching Grant was an answered prayer, as we wavered in our conviction of this call early on due to a lack of funds.

Additionally, having a place where family and friends could directly support us, see our goal, and receive updates—all while in a secure digital environment—was a great gift to us.

Everything was efficient, easy, and personal.

Throughout our adoption journey,

there were times that we just didn’t think we would reach our funding goal.

Every time, we would get a notification that someone donated to our account. We saw this particularly after we received our match, with only two weeks before baby’s arrival.

God’s provision was on full display!

Thank you, Lifesong community, for your support and provision!

Intimidated by adoption finances?

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