An Adoption Ten Years in the Making

Suhas and Abby with their daughter, Katelyn-Joy.

Suhas and Abby waited an unexpected ten years to adopt their daughter.

Due to circumstances outside of their control, they had to change adoption agencies and countries halfway through the adoption process. By that point, they had already raised several thousand dollars through Lifesong.

When they started the adoption process again later, they assumed the money they raised would no longer be available. However, the funds were still there, and they could continue the journey of faith God had called them to take.

Suhas and Abby share—

“Lifesong was such a Godsend in helping us fund our adoption! They made it possible for our friends and family to support us financially.

Lifesong provided accountability and peace of mind for the people who gave to us, because their money was going through a reputable organization that was monitoring how we were using it.

Katelyn-Joy and her brother.

God’s timing and plans were perfect.

He knew Suhas and Abby would one day travel to Thailand to welcome Katelyn-Joy into their family. When their initial search fell through, Suhas and Abby couldn’t understand why God had taken them on a dead-end journey. But after ten total years of walking through the adoption process, it is now abundantly clear why their first adoption search had to fall through.

Suhas and Abby share—

“We needed to be patient, so God could bring our daughter to us when the time was right. God knew Katelyn-Joy was the one for us. She is such a perfect fit for our family!

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