Keep Praying for Haiti

Haiti is no stranger to hard times.

You’ll remember last year’s news included the assassination of their President, ongoing kidnappings, fuel shortages, and increased water prices.

And this year continues to be difficult.

Last Tuesday, weeklong protests in Port-au-Prince came to a dangerous crescendo as people rallied against current political policies and structural instability. The last time Haitians got to vote for their political representation was 2016, and times are tough.

Keep praying for Haiti.

And yet, amid the hardship, God continues to do incredible things.

Specifically, one way our team is going deeper in Haiti is by pursuing opportunities for soul and marriage care.

Through the generosity of givers and partners, Lifesong Bercy was able to host a marriage retreat in August for 39 couples.

For 18 days leading up to the event, our brothers and sisters in Haiti prayed for God to make it possible for couples to attend and for God to be glorified.

And He was. God answered and provided in amazing ways.

In the words of one of our teammates in Haiti—

We all know that God values families, and consequently, the devil hates them. So this retreat was an eternal investment.

At the end of the retreat, the couples were surveyed about whether or not they would ever return to another retreat hosted by the Lifesong team. 100% said they would.

One of the couples shared, “Many thanks to Lifesong and the facilitators of the retreat. God bless you and we love you!”

The students continue to thrive.

Sunday, September 11, marked the 5th anniversary of Lifesong Christian School.

5 years of blessings.
5 years of gratitude.
And 5 years since God made a way to reach children in need in Bercy and create a path to education and a brighter future.

On Friday, September 9, the staff and students celebrated the goodness of God—made possible through generous donors like you. Due to the circumstances in Port-au-Prince, the celebration was low-key but heartfelt.

They couldn’t let the day go by without acknowledging the faithfulness of God.

Times are tough in Haiti, no question about it, but the students continue walking long distances to go to church and school and work. They continue to be eager to learn and listen to the Bible. They continue moving forward, by the grace of God.

And it is our privilege to cheer them on. Thank you for your part in this story.

Keep praying for Haiti.

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