A Word from Zebdeos in Ethiopia

Recently, members of our team here in the U.S. got to visit our team in Ethiopia to see first-hand many of the incredible things God is doing through your support and prayer.

Our in-country leader, Zebdeos, shares—

One major challenge here in Ethiopia,

is that kids often can’t attend their local schools due to financial constraints.

According to UNICEF, although most children enroll in school, many do not complete their education: 85% make it past Grade 5, and 54% past Grade 8.

Hear Zebdeos explain how God is meeting this need through people like you—

With your help, we have the privilege to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.

Specifically, we reach children in the Ziway and Adami Tulu communities.

Through you, we provide quality education, feeding programs, and faithful discipleship. Our three school campuses provide education for students in Nursery through 8th grade.

Currently, 1650 students attend Lifesong schools in Ethiopia.

The intention is to be showing Jesus in every aspect of our students’ education.

Our students spend time memorizing the Bible. Additionally, we pray together and sing songs at our morning flag ceremony.

We are really thankful that God continues to provide.

He has been especially faithful to provide food for our daily feeding program.

Each student receives 2 nutritious meals every school day. This feeding program improves each student’s overall health, as well as provides them with the energy to be alert in the classroom and helps them perform well in their education.

Additionally, God continues to send highly qualified teachers who love the students and pour their lives into the classroom.

Our English, mathematics, and science departments are especially strong.

“This year was special because we were rated best school of the year in both Ziway and Adami Tulu.

Thank you so much for supporting us.

We praise God for the way He continues to provide for vulnerable children and families in our community.

Providing quality education is one of the most effective ways to empower orphans and vulnerable children.

Thank you for your part in this story of God’s faithfulness in Ethiopia. Your prayers, support, and encouragement are making an impact!

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