From Tragedy to Triumph: Meet Margaret

Margaret is an employee at Baluba Valley Farm.

Walk into the Farm Shop, and you’ll be greeted with a kind smile from Margaret. Her job is to sell fresh milk, produce, meat, and other groceries to the local community. Additionally, she wraps meat from the butcher, works in the garden, balances sales, and keeps the shop neat and tidy.

She has been a faithful employee since 2008, even before Lifesong became involved with the farm, and we’re fortunate to have her on our team.




But behind Margaret’s smile are many tragedies and hardships.

When she was just 13 years old, for example, her mother passed away.

At a time when Margaret should have been enjoying a carefree childhood, she was forced to take on many responsibilities as she helped care for her six siblings. Through these difficulties, Margaret managed to continue her education up until Grade 9.

She also got married and found a job at a bakery where she worked for several years.

While life wasn’t easy, Margaret was thankful to have a job and a family she loved.



In 2019, Margaret’s husband died, leaving her a widow with 6 kids.

As you can imagine, this made it very hard for Margaret to meet the basic needs of her family on a single income.

Still, God provided a sponsor who has continued to support Margaret and her children yearly. This sponsorship allows for Margaret’s kids to attend a local school, and because of it, Margaret is also able to save a small portion of her monthly income.


If it weren’t for Jesus, I couldn’t still be living.


Margaret recognizes that her life has been filled with difficulties. Yet through it all, God has been her strength.

She firmly believes each circumstance has taught her how to rely on Jesus. She recognizes how God’s hand has guided her, and she believes her job at Baluba Valley Farms is another example of God’s grace. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to provide for her family.

Today, Margaret dreams of raising her own chickens and farming produce to sell so one day she can stay at home with her kids.

Because of God’s work in her life, and with the help of people like you, Margaret’s story is one of tragedy to triumph.



The needs of Zambia are big.

Most children lack adequate access to nutrition, water, housing, and education. Less than 17% of the population has completed primary school, and only 3.98% have received any post-secondary-school education or training for employment.

Baluba Valley Farms is 1 of 5 Lifesong sustainable businesses in Zambia, whose profits support the Garneton and Harmony Schools. This farm has 60 dairy cows plus young stock, 18 hectares of bananas, and 75 hectares of crop land.

Through this farm:

Parents can provide for their children.
Children can attend school.
Cycles of poverty can be overcome.
Job skills can be attained.
The Zambian economy can be strengthened.


Stories like Margaret’s are made possible because of God’s faithfulness through supporters like you. 

Thank you for being part of this partnership.



Want to help more kids in Zambia?

Through child sponsorship, you can help shape a child’s future. With sponsorship, you provide holistic, Gospel-centered care, food, and education.