Is Fundraising for Adoption Common?

We believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family.

But money is the #1 reason families who consider adopting don’t do it.

In fact, in 2013, the Barna Group conducted a survey and found that while 38% of practicing Christians had seriously considered adoption, only 5% have actually done it.

According to their research, the main factor keeping those who consider adoption from actually doing it is the cost.

The old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We think it takes a village to bring one home, too.

Enter: Adoption fundraising.

Fundraising for adoption is both a practical way to afford the financial costs of adoption and a beautiful demonstration of the Body of Christ co-laboring on behalf of a child in need.

But still, many families ask us the question…

Is it common to fundraise for adoption?

Simple answer: YES!

Figured you’d say that. But you’re going to need to explain…

Understood. It’s clear that we think adoption fundraising is common and even encouraged. But first, we want to explain why it’s actually one of the best ideas when it comes to funding your adoption.

Go on.

The beauty of fundraising for adoption among friends and family is having a team of advocates committed to bringing your child home, too. There’s incredible power in watching God provide for your needs through the community He’s brought into your life.

Plus, there is practically unlimited fundraising potential. You never know how much money you’ll raise until you ask.

Isn’t it awkward to ask for money?

We get your hesitation. That’s why our fundraising model looks a little different.

How so?

First, matching grants. This grant acts as a fundraising catalyst that gives those who wish to support your adoption the added incentive of seeing their impact doubled. For every dollar given through Lifesong toward the matching grant, Lifesong provides an equal donation, up to the total matching grant amount.

For example: If a friend gives $50 to your adoption, Lifesong also contributes $50.

The added incentive of having gifts doubled and working toward a goal makes fundraising for adoption an easier “ask.”

Second, tax-deductible giving. When you partner with Lifesong, any gifts given toward your adoption are tax-deductible. Your supporters will each receive a donation receipt to submit for tax deductions.

Third, 100% pledge. Unlike similar organizations, 100% of what you raise is yours. Lifesong’s admin and fundraising fees are completely covered by a private foundation, so every penny you raise goes straight to your account. In certain cases, credit card fees may apply.

All these reasons (and more) help Lifesong families raise on average three times more than the total amount of their matching grant!

So what’s the trick? How do we spread the word?

That’s completely up to you. 

Some families keep it simple and send out letters or emails telling their story and sharing their financial need.

Others get resourceful and organize events to encourage donations. Depending on how creative you’re feeling, the possibilities are almost endless.

Note: Lifesong families have the option of sharing their story on our FREE crowdfunding platform, mySTORY. See how it works.

Ok, I’m convinced. It’s definitely worth it to fundraise. But back to the question at hand: Do many families actually do it?

Fundraising for adoption is actually incredibly common! Since the financial barrier is so steep for so many families, fundraising is typically what brings their children home.

Just ask the 10,000 families we’ve served in the last 20 years. Nearly every one has successfully fundraised to bring their child home.

I’d love to hear some families’ personal experiences fundraising for adoption.

We have storehouses. Here are a few notes we received recently…

“The matching grant was especially helpful. Because of all the donations we received, we hardly had to pay anything for the adoption out of pocket! This was crucial because it allowed us to start our adoption and parenting journey with a strong financial foundation—adopting our daughter didn’t have to wipe out our savings account.

Since adopting Eliana, we’ve had a lot of other major expenses come up. If we had lost our savings funding the adoption, we would be in a lot of trouble right now. Thanks to Lifesong and all the friends and family who pitched in, we’re still in good shape financially to provide a stable environment for our daughter.”

The Stewart Family

“This was the 3rd time that Lifesong partnered with us to adopt! We received matching grants from Lifesong for all three of our adoptions, each one larger than the last. The matching grant with Lifesong made it easy for friends and family to donate and help out as well. In total between the grant and donations, Lifesong helped us to raise over $14,000.”

The Hale Family

I’m in! How can I get started?

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