Joyful Outreach in Cambodia

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Cambodia and around the world. Enjoy this new update from our team—


We are praising God for …

the opportunity we had to host a recent outreach to around 100 children and families.

These children and families from the surrounding community were invited to eat, sing, and enjoy time together with our kids and staff. Many of them came from villages in which our older students led Bible studies each Sunday before the pandemic.

Because of COVID, our students haven’t been able to lead these studies regularly in recent months, but they have helped raise up leaders in each village who continue to teach in their respective places whenever and wherever possible. Out students and staff continue to stay in touch with local leaders through telephone calls and regular encouragement.

And we are all growing together—even during this difficult time—as a result.

As Cambodia continues the long road to recovery from the pandemic, we are praying for ongoing opportunities to share Christ’s love with the children and villages nearby. Our goal is to be able to do this type of outreach on the 15th of each month, Lord-willing.



Hosting this recent outreach was …

a wonderful encouragement not only for our student leaders in these villages, but for everyone who came. Our older kids led worship, our team distributed resources, and we all shared a meal with our community.

Through gifts given by faithful supporters like you, our team in Takeo is not only able to host this kind of event, but it is also able to regularly provide much-needed food to these children and families. We are particularly grateful to give staples such as rice and noodles for them to take back into their homes and feed their families.



While this particular event was primarily for fellowship among believers, we are excited and hopeful for the impact these young leaders continue to have in their villages.

Our goal, like Paul in 2 Timothy 2, is that we would be able to teach our students “who will be able to teach others also.”

It’s exciting to see this happening at an otherwise difficult time in the world.


Finally, we are also grateful that …

our learning center has re-opened this month to receive students.

Though we currently only have around 50% of our students back at this point, we are thankful to be open again to the community.

In addition to welcoming these students each weekday, 18 of our returning students are also attending morning devotions at 5:00 a.m. Because they want to study the Bible and pray! God continues to work in the lives of each of these students.

Hear from one of our students who comes to the morning study—

By the grace of God, we have class every day, and I can also have food as well.

With schools still closed, we have more opportunities than ever to help the children and families in our area. Through sharing basic resources, a means for education, and an outlet for the community … we can give Gospel-centered hope where needed.

Thank you for giving and praying so that children and families in need can be reached.

You are an important part of this ministry!


Give Gospel-centered hope to children in Cambodia.