Dad, You Are Needed in Orphan Care. Here’s Why.

Kids need a dad today more than ever.

The role of a compassionate dad cannot be overestimated—especially for children who have experienced trauma.

Orphan care, foster care, and adoption efforts suffer without men.

So here are 6 thoughts from men who are reaching children in need around the world—


1. “Why are men important in orphan care? You’re the spiritual leader of your home, and this is a spiritual crisis. 340,000 children in foster care is a crisis of epic proportions.”

—Scott Lundy, Arrow Child & Family Ministries .


2.  “The truth is, the fatherless child often faces the world without provider or protector; she lives on a precipice between poverty and predators.  Men are needed.  Real men.  As protectors and providers, as adoptive fathers and mentors, as defenders and champions.  The role demands struggle; we must grapple in prayer, in sacrifice, in wresting a young life from those that would use and abuse it.”

—Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans .


3. “Men, the truth is that there’s never really a perfect time to foster or adopt; just a lot of opportunities to say yes despite the many reasons we may have to say no. You’re aware of all the reasons you have to say no, but perhaps God is using the voice of your wife to help you say yes to His. He certainly did for me.”

—Jason Johnson, National Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for the Christian Alliance for Orphans

4. “I would like to encourage us to consider partnering our men’s ministries with the local social services. They are working hard, but they cannot solve this issue by themselves. There is only one organization that can solve the orphan crisis in our community and around the world—that is the church, the Body of Christ.”

DJ Jordan, former U.S. Senate Congressional Aide and VA State Board of Social Services .


5. “Men have impact when they get involved in orphan care. Period.”

—Tony Mitchell, Christian Alliance for Orphans Board Director, Business Advisor, Life Strategist


6. “[Men are] built to fight. We’re called to fight for justice for kids. However, many of us substitute things like sports, television, or gaming because there’s a void in our life when it comes to something to fight for.”

—Mark Stuart, Hands & Feet Project, Co-founder of Audio Adrenaline.


Dad, you are needed in orphan care. Why? In Deuteronomy 10:18, God set the perfect example by “executing justice for the fatherless.” This is the heart of our Father—to father those in need. And little on this earth is more impactful than God-loving men who care for fatherless children.

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