Urgent Action Needed on Behalf of Waiting Children & Families

More than 45 U.S. Representatives have already committed to signing the bipartisan House letter in support of resuming China adoptions, but we need to get more on board before the deadline of this Thursday, May 27.

We are looking for passionate advocates of adoption to join this effort.



Call to Action on Behalf of Waiting Children & Families

Adoptions from China have been stalled since the pandemic began. Hundreds of children have been left in limbo as their families long to travel to complete their adoptions.

A letter to Secretary of State Blinken regarding the resumption of China adoption travel is now circulating in the U.S. House of Representatives. Similar to the recent letter from 50 Senators to Sec. Blinken, this letter is also a request to elevate resolving China adoption delays as a priority diplomatic issue.

Please ask your Representatives to sign this letter to show the weight Congress attaches to resolving this important humanitarian, child welfare issue. The deadline for signatures is COB Thursday, May 27th. Would you take five minutes to email or call your US Representative using the script below?

Go to www.house.gov to locate your Representative’s contact information.




Hello, I’m a constituent and I am [calling/writing] to ask Representative ________ to sign into the bipartisan letter being led by Representatives Brady (R-TX), Smith (D-WA), Aderholt (R-AL), and Trone (D-MD), asking Secretary of State Blinken to please elevate the issue of China adoption travel delays as a diplomatic priority. This letter reinforces a letter recently sent by 50 U.S. Senators to the State Department. China has been closed to international adoption travel since the pandemic began with no indication of when it will resume.

Hundreds of families across the U.S. are only waiting for travel approval to be able to complete the adoption of their waiting child, with hundreds more stuck in other stages of the adoption process due to the travel delays. Many of the waiting children have significant medical conditions and urgently need to join their families in the United States, so support and treatment can be provided. This is a bi-partisan, humanitarian, child welfare issue, centered on working together to unite children with families. In an era of many divisions, uniting children with loving, permanent families is something we can all agree on.

Please sign on using the sign-up link provided in the electronic Dear Colleague or contact James O’Brien in Representative Brady’s office at James.Obrien@mail.house.gov before the letter closes on Thursday evening, May 27.


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P.S.—CNN poignantly captured the heartache hundreds of waiting children and families are experiencing in this recent news segment.



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