Powerful Advice for Your Adoption

In 2019, Brandon and Kathryn brought home their daughter from China with help from a Lifesong matching grant. And in the process, they received some powerful advice. In Kathryn’s words…


When God opened our eyes and our hearts to the little girl across the ocean who would become our daughter, we were surprised.

After two failed international adoptions (due to intercountry conflict) and thousands of dollars lost, we did not believe God would open another intercontinental opportunity to grow our family. And we certainly were not financially prepared for that endeavor either.

But just two years before God first showed us our daughter, I sat in a luncheon with Lifesong for Orphans at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit. A dear friend of mine has an adoption ministry in Mississippi that partners with Lifesong, so I got to experience firsthand the testimonies of work they were doing all across the globe. It impressed me. So when it came time to begin the process of adopting our daughter, we felt empowered to ask Lifesong for help.

We were blessed to partner with Both Hands as it opened a door for us to serve a local widow. The team God put together for that project was incredible. Our Lifesong account became a safe and secure place where friends, family, and strangers alike felt comfortable donating in support of our daughter. Lifesong donations covered two-thirds of the money needed to complete our adoption through Hong Kong!

International adoptions require a ton of paperwork and can be quite costly. While God equipped us to complete all of the administrative duties required of us, that is neither my husband’s nor my spiritual strength. It was so nice having a partner like Lifesong to help with some of the organizational details. I am incredibly thankful that we did not have to handle any monetary donations. People could donate with a tax-deductible gift.

And, with each gift, it is our hope that the givers became aware of Lifesong’s ministry, seeing firsthand how God provides even when it doesn’t seem possible.


Advice from a Friend

My husband had a personal training client who carried around business cards that said “servant.” We met him before my husband and I received God’s gift of salvation and transformation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

We thought this man was so bizarre, but we were intrigued by him. He is wealthy, yet chose to use his wealth to adopt (he now has 4 adopted daughters) and to build orphanages in Africa.

When my husband and I became Christians, he was one of the first to know. We finally “got it” and recognized that what set our friend apart was His love for Jesus Christ.

When we launched our adoption fundraising, we sent our friend a letter, as he always wanted to be a part of our adoption journey. We were driving home from a fundraiser when we got a call from him.

He asked, “How much money do you need to be able to complete the adoption?” Feeling uncomfortable sharing the exact amount, we hesitated, but he insisted on knowing. We had about a $16,000 gap remaining. We shared that number with him. He said he wanted to fill the gap. All I could do was cry. I could barely squeak out, “Thank you.”

As I cried, he spoke truth in this advice.

He told us that we were going into battle for the soul of a child that the enemy thought he had won. He told us to stay focused and to stand firm. And he repeated this three times.

Our friend is a pretty quiet, unassuming man. So for him to speak with such force and conviction, we knew we needed to listen. We are forever grateful for his obedience unto the Lord, his generosity, and his words that, to this day, we cling to.


Where God Guides, He provides.

Never in a million years did we think we would be able to raise all $30,000 needed for this adoption. But we are so incredibly grateful.

Less than 6 months later, our company restructured and our small business was impacted. We lost 90% of our income practically overnight. Because of the generosity of others, we never once had to worry about not being able to complete the call of adoption. God had already provided 100%. He continues to show us that what looks impossible on paper is possible through Christ.



Though 38% of practicing Christians have considered adoption, only 5% have actually adopted. The number one barrier preventing more families from adopting? Finances.