Visit Lifesong Haiti Today!

We aren’t all able to hop on a plane and fly across the ocean to visit our team in Haiti, so we brought the Lifesong Haiti team to you. Keep scrolling to take the Haiti Virtual Vision Trip

Welcome to Lifesong Haiti!

While you’re here, you’ll learn some of the challenges Haiti faces, see the different ways our team reaches vulnerable kids and families, hear testimonies from those we’ve reached, and find out how to get involved!

Watch the Trip!

Don’t have time to take the full trip? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Haiti at a Glance

In the face of these harsh realities, the Lifesong Haiti team has reached over 1,000 orphaned and vulnerable children with holistic care, education, and—most importantly—the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Snapshot of Lifesong Haiti


Our 198 students at Lifesong School range from 7th to 13th grade. Each one receives all necessary learning materials, quality instruction from qualified teachers, medical care, daily meals, and discipleship—all at no cost to them or their families.

God gives every child—including those from incredibly difficult places—talents and blessings to lead the next generation, and the recent exam scores of our 9th-grade students make this evident. 100% passed their National Exams! This is nearly unheard of in Haiti, especially during a school year filled with remote learning and delays.

Lord willing, 26 students will graduate from our school in May—our first-ever graduating class in Haiti!

Family Life Residences

32 of our students live on campus in Family Life Residences. In this family-style environment, young adults have structured spiritual time, academic support, and household responsibilities.

Our prayer is that this environment creates productive, good leaders in society. We want to model a healthy, Christian family unit, showing how spouses interact through service and love—something rarely seen in Haiti.

Meet Esther, a young woman living in one of these homes.

Job Creation

From creating opportunities for our graduates to providing a steady income to at-risk families, job creation is critical to achieving long-term change in a community.

Between a farm site, boutique, and the Lifesong Guest House, our campus businesses have created 80 jobs for locals in the communityMeet Lulune, a mother who works at the Lifesong Guest House.

Medical Clinic

At the end of 2019, a new medical clinic opened on our campus. The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate, as just a few months later, COVID-19 reached Haiti.

In its first 19 days of operation, the clinic served over 600 patients. And today, it serves an average of 1,000 patients each month.

While the clinic is there to provide physical healing, it’s a blessing to have it on our campus with staff whose priority is to provide spiritual healing.

How Can You Get Involved?

Join a Vision Trip. For those who are able, come see God’s work in Haiti first-hand!

Sponsor a child. Starting at just $34/month, you can support a child in Haiti. Your gift goes to fulfilling Lifesong’s 4-part pledge to each child we serve.

Support a Family Life Residence. Fund the care of 10 children in 1 home, with Haitian houseparents, modeling family, and mentoring students ($15,000/yr per home)

Build a new Family Life Residence. One on our campus for vulnerable young girls, another one for boys, and a transition home for graduates ($120,000)

Fund the installation of solar panels. Create sustained, reliable power for the entire campus, while eliminating fuel costs to run a generator.

Thanks for joining us! Before you leave, would you say a quick prayer for the ministry in Haiti? Ask God to be near the kids and families we serve and to strengthen our staff to reach even more kids with the love of Jesus!

Support Haiti’s Future Leaders.