Make This a Year of Healing with Post-Adoption Support

Adoptive families, with all their unique transitions, traumas, and needs, can be especially vulnerable in challenging times.

It’s possible that you (or your spouse, child, family) are in a valley. But we want to help. It’s our desire to help get your family the post-adoption support you need to thrive.

By God’s grace, this season can be a season of healing.

Seeing the Need

Since 2002, Lifesong has been blessed to assist over 9,000 families with adoption grants and loans to help bring their children home.

Each adoption is a miracle—a beautiful intersection of beauty and brokenness. 

Whether walking alongside adoptive families or personally adopting children into our homes, our team has long been aware that every child who comes home via adoption does so with varying degrees of trauma that needs purposeful healing. As children grow and reach different levels of maturity, the impacts of trauma become more evident.

Because there is no adoption without loss, there is no adoption without trauma, at least in some form or another.

Pastor, adoptive father, and friend of Lifesong, Renaut van der Riet, describes it like this—

“Even if your adoption experience doesn’t unfold violently, it will always involve trauma. There is no version of adoption that doesn’t involve trauma. At some point, the trauma your adoptive child or children have experienced is going to manifest. When it does, it will affect everyone in the family, because the good news—and the terrible news, too—is that you are all in this together.”

The great news?—Healing is possible.

Now introducing Post-Adoption Support!

Lifesong now has the opportunity to help adoptive families—like yours—bring healing to their children.

Our Post-Adoption Care & Counseling Financial Assistance awards grants and loans to adoptive families, helping you access useful resources, like:

  • Counseling (for your adopted child, siblings, or yourself)
  • Training
  • Trauma care, like EMDR therapy
  • Neurofeedback or other interventions

Read a little about the application process and download the application here.

One more piece of encouragement:

Healing is possible because Jesus says it is. 

Renaut van der Riet further shared

“Here’s what you need: The Gospel.

Jesus, in his journey to redeem us, took on the weightiness of our brokenness. He died on the cross and rose from the dead. When we choose to participate in the work of redemption by making adoption part of our story, we are choosing to take on the weightiness of the trauma our kids bring home. We may feel like we are dying too.

But we must remember that Christ—and Christ alone—will resurrect our story.

We would love to be part of your journey as God brings true, Gospel-centered healing to your child and your family.

Apply for Post-Adoption Grants and Loans.