Chosen As Daughters

It wasn’t a grand sign or a vivid dream that pushed Martin and Emily to pursue adoption—

just the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

While visiting India in 2015, Martin and Emily became burdened by what they saw. Along with extreme poverty, prejudice, and persecution, they learned that India has more orphans than any other country in the world.

From that point, God nudged their hearts toward adoption, until finally—

“God simply spoke to me one day. I knew the Holy Spirit was saying, ‘What are you waiting for? Start the adoption process,’” remembers Martin.


So in faith, they set out to bring a child home from India.

But as the journey progressed, their expenses grew.

Martin shared, “We didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to write a check for adoption expenses. We had to completely rely on the Lord to provide.”

Martin and Emily were prepared to exhaust their savings and take out a loan to make ends meet. But then they discovered Lifesong through another adoptive family.


anjaly-priyanka-daughters    holding-daughters


They applied for Lifesong adoption financial assistance and were blown away when they received a $3,500 Lifesong matching grant. Their fundraising took off, and by God’s grace, they brought home their first daughter, Anjaly, in 2017.

Two years later, they adopted a second daughter, Priyanka, with help from another Lifesong matching grant.

Combined, their adoptions totaled nearly $80,000. But with support from family, friends, and people like you, every expense was completely covered, allowing them to bring them home. Watch them travel to India to bring Priyanka home—



Martin shared—

“Our girls had some pretty severe needs when we first brought them home. But now, they’re healthy and thriving. We can’t imagine where they’d be if God hadn’t given us the faith to say YES despite the fear and unknown.”

“He loves these children so much that He will go to extreme lengths to provide for them. All He wants from us is an open heart and obedience to His call.”


Martin and Emily are one of over 9,000 adoptive families we’re honored to have partnered with! If you’re considering adoption, we’d love to walk alongside you with our matching grants, interest-free loans, and fundraising support.



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