An Adoption Month Giveaway!

It’s National Adoption Month!

No matter where you are in the adoption process, we want to support families like yours throughout the journey.

In addition to offering financial assistance to help bridge the gap in adoption fundraising, we also offer pre- and post-adoption support. And one way we seek to encourage families is by putting helpful resources in your hands.

We regularly publish adoption testimonials and articles on our blog, and this month, we’re excited to give you a FREE Adoption Book Bundle!


The Adoption Book Bundle

This month, we’ve collaborated with a few of our friends to put together a FREE BOOK BUNDLE of chapters from 8 of our favorite adoption-centered books—over 150 pages of helpful, encouraging content.

You’ve probably heard of a few of the books or authors. The bundle includes…

ownload your free book bundle today!

Here at Lifesong, we’re honored to be part of your adoption community.


Just Let Us Know Where to Send Your Adoption Book Bundle!

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