Adoption Is Daunting… And That’s Okay

International adoption is costly.

(In more ways than one.)

For that reason, and many others, the whole process—from fundraising to homecoming to finding a routine—can seem intimidating, challenging, daunting.

But one mom we walked alongside recently described the experience well. She said:

It is both daunting and a tremendous blessing…

The following is a letter she shared with us. We pray it’s a blessing to you.

I was recently asked, “What’s one God-thing from your adoption that comes to your mind?”

It’s a big question. But also an easy question.

God did everything.

He gave us the conviction to do more. He put everything in place—from people to timing to logistics to finances—to achieve His desired result. So many different scriptures like Psalm 139:13-14 and Ephesians 2:10 come to mind.

It is both daunting and a tremendous blessing to sit at the dinner table and look at two young faces the Lord knew before the beginning of time. How amazing it is to consider His plan to assemble this family using two sweet little girls from literally the other side of the planet: Lilly, our first adopted, from China and Eliza, our latest, from India!

The “one God-thing” is everything, beginning to end, including the support and prayers from Lifesong!


International adoption can require significant funding.

And this was our second international adoption. Going into it, we knew that we needed financial assistance from as many avenues as possible, including fundraising and grant applications. We started the adoption in October of 2017, answering God’s call to seek a child in Nepal or India. At the beginning of 2018, after a Christmas fundraising event, I began to apply for grants.

Lifesong was one organization that came highly recommended by our adoption agency, Lifeline Children’s Services. The application process was thorough yet non-burdensome. As we continued moving forward with Lifesong, we found them to be caring, compassionate, encouraging, and easy to communicate with. Their acknowledgment of God’s will for the orphaned and downcast and their compassion for orphans around the world is readily apparent.



Understanding that there are limited resources, we were tremendously blessed when Lifesong informed us of a matching grant, awarded through one of their adoption fund partners in Alabama! Lifesong blessed us beyond our expectations, demonstrating God’s grace throughout this process.


This process can be very daunting.

Throughout the whole process, Lifesong provided us so much relief, not just in the financial aspects but also in the practical aspects. They provided much-needed assurance during a time when dealing with national governments can be challenging. We so appreciate all of the time and effort that Lifesong provided in this adoption, allowing us to bring home our newest daughter, Eliza Palak Donop.

Certainly, the assistance financially was critical to our needs in this adoption. However, we drew much comfort from the folks at Lifesong, knowing that there were people that we didn’t even know or have ever met who were working hard and praying hard for the success of this adoption. It is through these prayers that God did His work and brought Eliza home!



38% of practicing Christians consider adoption, but due to the daunting process and intimidating costs, only 5% actually adopt. We believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family, so we provide adoption financial assistance to help families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption!