A Decade-Long Dream

Though the decision to adopt isn’t quick or easy, the call to adopt is usually clear.

And whether it takes days or a decade from being led to adopt until the adoption is finalized, God is faithful every step of the way.

Adoptive dad Casey, recently wrote this letter to the Lifesong team…

As early in our relationship as we can remember, my wife, Lauren, and I shared a dream of adopting one day. However, after God planted that dream in our hearts, we became pregnant with our first, second, and third children. Lauren became a full-time stay-at-home mom, and finances became much tighter. We still longed to adopt, but the financial hurdles felt overwhelming.

So we tabled our adoption dream and even began to think that maybe we would never be able to adopt.

But one day, I had the realization that if we didn’t obey God in this calling He put on our lives, it would be the greatest regret of our lives.

I texted Lauren immediately, “I’m ready to adopt when you are.”

Before the end of that day, she had already completed the application documents.


God Always Makes a Way

Our agency told us to expect a wait of anywhere from two to five years, so it was quite the shock when we received a referral file seven months into our process! We were thrilled but also overwhelmed at the thought of having to save and raise thousands of dollars in just a few months.

All the while, we knew that if God called us to do it, he would make a way.

We left for China in October 2019 and finally got to hug and kiss our precious Zhou Jia An (now Ruby Anne JiaAn), whom God had planted as a dream in our hearts more than a decade ago!



We are so thankful to our God for the incredibly generous donors who give to Lifesong to help families just like ours. May God richly bless you as you have blessed us.

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