A Miracle in a Misread Ultrasound

For many people in the world today, the future feels more uncertain than ever.

We’re plagued with questions like: “When will things begin opening up?” “Will our family vacation happen this summer?” “How long will our savings last?”

Thankfully, in every season of uncertainty, we have every reason to be confident in God. Job speaks of Him, saying:

“I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”
Job 42:2

Not only will God’s plans come to pass, but those plans are good for those “who are called according to His purpose.” What a promise!

If you’re in the middle of a season of uncertainty, let this family’s testimony be an encouragement. God’s plans will not be thwarted!

Mary Shared,

Be ready for chills and goosebumps, because the unfolding of this saga has the hand of the supernatural all over it!

As I write this, it has been almost one week since God brought our little girl into His world. But her journey into our family began almost three weeks earlier, on Sunday, April 5th, when we got a call from our adoption agency. 



A birth mom was possibly a match, and our caseworker called to ask, “Would you like to be presented to her?” (With only 1 week until the due date!)

We said YES! Many things were unknown, including the baby’s gender. The following day, we found out the birth mom chose our family if the baby was a boy, and another family if it was a girl. This is an unusual circumstance and not common at all in the adoption world. Usually, it’s yes or no. Done.

So, for five days, we waited in suspense. We were 50% excited and rejoicing, but 50% grieving and mourning a future loss. If the baby were a boy at birth, we would soon (with the due date just days away) bring our little one home! Quick, just in case, we got out our newborn boy clothes tote, washed them, picked out a name (Joshua), and prayed with our kiddos that, God willing, it would be a boy!



Well, on Saturday, April 11th, at 11 pm, our agency called to inform us: “It’s a BOY!”

Birth mama had gone into the hospital with stomach pains. So they did an ultrasound showing that the baby was male. We proceeded excitedly with signing the match agreement, paying the corresponding fees, and feeling the emotions of this is really happening! 

The due date came and went, and birth mom was induced on Thursday afternoon (the 16th). Our baby was born shortly after midnight. You can imagine the shock we had when we got the call that baby was here and healthy and… a GIRL!

Praise God, the birth mother declared that regardless of gender, she still wanted the baby to join our family.


A Divine String of Events

Do you see how this story unfolded precisely to bring this exact child to us?

If the birth mother had not gone in for that unplanned ultrasound, and if the ultrasound tech hadn’t happened to misread the ultrasound (another rare happenstance at 39+ weeks), her story would be very different. At birth, the baby would have been a girl and gone to a different family. Or, at the ultrasound (if read correctly), the baby would have been seen as a girl and matched with that other family.

But for some reason, God knew where she belonged and was happily involved to create just the perfect string of events to bring her to us.

Someday, what we now see as the back of the tapestry will be seen in all its glory as a beautiful story of God’s authorship! He brought her to us for a reason. For her. For us. And already, we are so in love.


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