Legacy 685 Celebrating 200 Families!

Legacy 685 just celebrated their 200th adoption grant!

Legacy 685 is the adoption, foster, and orphan care ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church. It is also a Lifesong Outside the Walls church fund partner. Recently, they celebrated giving over 200 adoption assistance grants—making a way for over 200 children to be placed in their “forever family.”

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We were fortunate to ask Legacy 685 Director Toni Steere a few questions about church adoption ministry. Here’s what she shared

Q: What brings you the most joy in your role at Legacy 685?

A: So, we did something new this year, (rather unexpectedly I might add!) We created a tween group for adoptees, foster children, and siblings! And it has been one of the most life-giving, JOY-infusing things I have ever been a part of! Getting to sit each month with these hilarious, vulnerable, kind, energetic tweens has taught me, encouraged me, and given me more JOY than words can express.

This group came really at their request – VOICE.
This group is really run by them – Sharing POWER.
And this group continues to grow us all, each month, with each laugh, tear, rap song and game!

Q: What are some practical ways the Church can come alongside adopting families?

A: Church should be the safest place on earth for children. One of the first steps after understanding what is happening in your community is to look at your children’s ministry and ask the question, “Is our church safe for children who have experienced trauma?”

There is so much outside of our control when it comes to engaging children and families who are receiving Protective Services. The system is anything but predictable—it’s complex and nuanced. The system can be difficult to navigate, but we can take a look at what is within our grasp. Effectively evaluate and pivot the children’s and family ministries toward best practices, creating spaces where children feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure.

This might mean implementing a number of different education opportunities including trauma-informed and child protection policy trainings for staff and volunteers.

When we, the Church, begin to make our space one where children are seen, safe, soothed, and secure, we come alongside families giving God their yes to foster care or adoption, co-laboring with them in the reconciliatory process. And when we do this we lay a foundation for children to begin to believe that God SEES them, that God is a SAFE refuge for them in times of trouble, that God is a COMFORTER (soothed) and ultimately that they can TRUST Securely in the One who never lost sight of them, not even once.

Q: What would you say to a family considering starting an adoption process who may be nervous because of the current national unrest?

A: There is so much need, maybe even greater need in the wake of this pandemic. I think of the question Bob Goff asks in his book Everybody Always, “What if we weren’t afraid anymore?” Anytime God sent an angel to speak, the conversation generally started with FEAR NOT. We are all in a season, seemingly, gripped by fear. But fear doesn’t have to inform our decisions. Faith is recognizing our fear and stepping out anyway, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

If God is stirring your heart toward adoption or foster care, lean in and listen. Listen to your feelings and then speak TRUTH to them! If God is stirring your heart, step out in faith, begin by creating space for curiosity and allow God to create something beautiful with your YES. He will be FAITHFUL!

Q: What excites you about the future of Legacy 685?

A: We could never have imagined or prayed for the past 11 years! “Do not despise small beginnings…” Zechariah 4:10

I have no idea what God has in store for the next 10 years, but if the past 10 are any indication, it will be a wild ride and we are just as committed today as we were then to celebrating His faithfulness moving in our mist. He has moved families to say YES, He has provided abundantly for those YESes, and He’s been present every step of the way!

As we look to the future we pray for MORE THAN ENOUGH Churches, committing to be the “safest place on earth for children who have experienced trauma,” more than enough foster families, adoptive families, post-placement healing services, and MORE than Enough resources to meet biological families where they are with grace and love.


Thank you, Toni! We are honored to be friends and partners in ministry with Legacy 685 and Houston’s First Baptist Church. We praise God for this ministry that so passionately points families and children to Jesus every single day.

Onward to the next 200 grants!

Your Church Is The Solution

Your church was built to care for orphans. It’s in our DNA as believers. By establishing a Lifesong-facilitated church fund, you can meet the need by helping fund adoptions inside and outside your local church. It’s easy and free.