Loaves, Fish, & Adoption Funding

What God desires to happen, He makes happen.

God is faithful to give us what we need in order to live in obedience to His will. And we find evidence of this in a story tucked in each of the four Gospels.

5,000 people had gathered to hear Jesus speak. After a long day of learning, they were hungry. The disciples suggested sending the crowd to surrounding towns to find food for themselves.

But Jesus had a different idea.

From the meager lunch pail with just five loaves of bread and two fish, He fed the crowd. They ate until satisfied… and still had food leftover.

And, as Matthew and Mark record, Jesus does it again, feeding 4,000 this time.

The people on these hillsides probably wouldn’t have starved without food those days. They easily could have walked to get their own. But Jesus saw fit to give them a meal, to fill their growling stomachs so they could hear His message without hindrance or distraction.

John and Kristen stepped into adoption with their own version of five loaves and two fish: a $250 donation from some friends. But over the next two years of legal fees, agency payments, and travel costs, they saw God multiply that little donation. He saw fit to meet every one of their financial needs so they could bring their son home without hindrance or distraction.


In Kristen’s words…

“I am a part-time nurse and my husband is a pastor. When God called us to adopt, we were willing. But financially, it felt impossible. Our agency estimated that adopting from India would cost over $40,000. That is more than my husband’s annual salary.

But we figured if God can feed 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish, He can meet our needs.

Our community group gave us $250 to apply to adopt in December 2017, and we stepped out in faith. Since then, I cannot tell you how many miracles God has done in the last two years. Grants and gifts from family and friends came at just the time that critical fees were due. A refund from a broken shower paid for US immigration. It is an incredible experience to be the recipient of such generous giving.

In the midst of our adoption process from India, God brought us a precious 5-month-old girl in need of a home through foster care. We said yes! Two years later, we brought home our son Kishan from India in January 2020. We finalized our daughter Anna Joy’s adoption less than two weeks later. God gave us two forever children in 11 days. We are doubly blessed.

None of this would have been possible without the faithful obedience of God’s people to care for the widow and the orphan. We will never be able to say thank you enough!

We could have missed this.


Surely the disciples learned a lesson on faith when Jesus fed a crowd from such a small portion of food. And surely every adoptive family learns a similar lesson when God provides above and beyond their needs.


If you’re considering adoption…

we encourage you to trust the God who multiplies the portion we begin with.  He stops at no lengths to accomplish His will. And here at Lifesong, we’re thankful to be a tool in His hand used to help fund adoptions! We provide adoption financial assistance so families can overcome the financial hurdles of adoption.



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