What’s Happening in Zambia?

Thank you for praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids around the world who are experiencing this time of global uncertainty. We’re thankful to share a recent update from our team in Zambia

In uncertain times, God is still good.

As school closed nationwide here in Zambia last week, our team was ready with plans for 1 month of block lessons for our students to work in with the help of their house parents. We also sent work home with our primary students.

Our hearts break as we consider the risk many of our students are facing as they return to life in the compound (a local village known for its violence and crime). Yet we are not equipped to keep everyone here, and we cannot risk the safety of the students by continuing to meet as normal. So we trust God in the meantime.

We know God is good, and we trust Him to protect the children who are not in our care. We are also seeking ways to assist any and every child in need through creative, risk-free ways.

Boarding Program Update

Believing it to be in the best interest of our boarding students, we’ve kept them on campus at this time. We’ve increased our hand washing practices, social distancing measures, and no visitors policy.

Our vocational school is also closed. Similar arrangements have been made to get school work to our students in boarding. The vocational students have been given the choice to stay in the boarding program during this time of social distancing.

God’s Heart for Children

Our responsibility to care for these kids didn’t begin with us but with the Lord’s heart for each of them. He has pledged Himself to love and protect children in need, and He will continue to keep His word. God wants us to be practical and steward our role with utmost responsibility and care. As tough as this time period is, we will continue to do what we believe is right.

Please pray with us for the children and the country of Zambia!


Thank you for praying, for giving, and for trusting.

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