What’s Happening in Uganda?

Reaching orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda is long-term work, and it’s only made possible because of people like you who care. So thank you for your support. Enjoy this update from our teammate, Michelle Dropp—

God is doing good things in Uganda.

We’ve been waiting for approval to open a baby home for over two and a half years. Our last meeting for approval did not go as we’d hoped, and we knew only God could open the door for this home in His time.

And now it has happened.

We recently received word that the baby home has been APPROVED. We are marveling at God’s constant faithfulness. The extra time of waiting for this to happen enabled us—as a team—to continue focusing on the primary school. God had us right where He needed us to see His plan unfold.

Slowly by slowly (as they say in Uganda) we will unpack the plans of the Lord.

Now we will begin hiring and training staff. Our number one goal for this baby home is to reunify the children with family members if at all possible. Otherwise, we have families close to us that have expressed interest in taking in new children. What a blessing! We’re hoping to be open by the summer, but as with everything here, it takes time.

Here in Uganda, the new school year recently started.

God has provided an amazing head master, the school is running efficiently, and the students are thriving. It has been a joy reconnecting with all of the students and neighbors.


Prayer Requests: Pray for a Godly staff to love and care for the babies that will be in our care. Pray for the primary school to continue to thrive under the new head master and function in a God-honoring way. Pray for financial partners for the primary school and baby home.


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