A New Clinic in Haiti!

God has answered our prayers.

A brand new medical clinic has been built and is being operated on the Lifesong campus in Bercy, Haiti.

Your gifts and prayers—especially over the past year—have helped the people in Bercy receive access to critical medical care they might otherwise be unable to receive.

In the first 19 days of operation, the clinic served over 600 patients.

And as the COVID-19 pandemic escalates worldwide, we are especially grateful to have this medical care available for the children we serve.

Currently, the clinic is staffed by 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 pharmacist, 1 administrator, 1 receptionist, and 1 archivist. The team sees an average of 30 to 60 patients daily.

Incredible partnerships

Heart to Heart is one of our medical partners who is passionate about creating a healthier world. They vigorously mobilize as many volunteers, partners, and donors as possible to make healthcare more accessible for all people. They have been a wonderful partner in getting this medical clinic off the ground. Like us, they have a desire to serve the Haitian people. Right now they are working on an education curriculum that we can present to the community. They have already presented one to the employees on the Coronavirus.

As Dr. Spaulding, a local doctor, noted—

Many, if not most, of these young, generally single mothers with sick infants and young children would very likely be taking their children to one of the 7 Voodoo/Witch Doctors in the community. What a blessing that our collaborative efforts are making this healthcare service a reality for this community.



Exciting opportunities

We have 20 young women on campus through a program called Young Mother Community Outreach (YMCO). These are women under 20 who have had at least one baby. Many are as young as 13. They come to Lifesong MBO for an 8-week program where they learn everyday skills in common sanitary practices, cooking, cleaning, and preparing recipes from for their family and for them to sell to make money. Along with this they are fed both physically and spiritually, mentored by older women who work for Lifesong.

Our soccer program is going strong! Lifesong School is running their annual tournament with each class putting a team together along with teachers and Lifesong employees. The soccer program is also hosting 80 kids from the community to come share in the game of soccer, learn more about Jesus, and share some food.

Students at Lifesong Christian School will be taking their 3rd period exams next week. Please lift them up in prayer. The students struggled 2nd period with so many interruptions in their learning from the country unrest.

Join us?

Would you pray specifically for the spiritual health of our students? We know He loves them deeply, and so do we.

Also, while there are many great things happening in Haiti—and so far no known cases of COVID-19 have been reported—we are preparing. This virus would be especially devastating in a country like Haiti where there isn’t widely available medical care.

Finally, all of these programs are made possible by people like you. Would you give a gift to ensure that we can continue to take the Gospel to kids in Haiti during this season of uncertainty?

Your gift ensures orphaned and vulnerable children in Haiti will continue to be reached in the midst of COVID-19.