5 Things to Pray for Your Child’s Birth Parents

It happens every time I kiss my son’s silky black hair or hold his little hand—

I am reminded that somewhere in the world, a set of parents is missing out on the same opportunity. I don’t know anything about my son’s birth parents—what prompted them to abandon their baby just days after his birth, or if they are still alive today.

That said, I recognize that adoption is complicated. In some cases, the child’s parents have died. In other cases, the child’s biological parents couldn’t or didn’t want to parent, and no biological caretakers were able to help. Yet in other cases, children are placed for adoption because their birth parents felt it was in their best interest or they could not care for them physically, emotionally, or mentally. The number of scenarios is as endless as the number of children in need of a family.

Regardless, with hope in my heart for their well-being, here are 5 things I pray for his birth parents. Whether you’re waiting for placement, your child has been home for 10 years, or you’re simply considering adoption, I encourage you to do the same.

1. Pray they know God.

The greatest adoption plan ever made was not for our child, but was made by our Heavenly Father for us. Pray that—wherever your child’s birth parents are—someone will share with them the glorious truth of the Gospel, available to them in Christ.

2. Pray they are loved.

Without a doubt, they are loved fiercely by their Creator God. Additionally, they may be loved by your child. And over time, (if you don’t already), you may realize how much you love them, too–after all, God uniquely and irreversibly knit your lives together through the life of a child you both love.

3. Pray they have peace.

Specifically, pray they know peace with God, and pray they find peace with regard to their past. In many cases, birth parents have made an agonizing decision. In other cases, an agonizing decision was made for them. Pray they are overwhelmed with the peace that passes understanding.

4. Pray they experience healing.

Regardless of the details of your child’s story, your child’s birth parents may struggle with dates on the calendar or thoughts of what could have been. Adoption may have been the final chapter of an extremely difficult situation. Pray they know the freedom that accompanies healing. Pray they know their child is loved and treasured. And pray for them to be blessed with hope in abundance.

5. Pray they are blessed.

Whether you know your child’s birth parents, or whether they are a stranger to you—known only by the eyes you look into and the smile you cherish—pray they know goodness and blessing all the days of their lives. After all, their path to adoption has brought great goodness and blessing to you.

Considering Adoption?

Money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family. Yet for most Christians considering adoption, finances are the number barrier to starting the journey. That’s why we offer free adoption financial assistance–helping families like yours adopt and orphans become sons & daughters!