“This Girl Is a Miracle Girl”

Here at Lifesong, we’re honored to be part of over 8,000 adoption journeys and counting.

While every story is unique, there are some themes that unite them all, like God’s provision, faithfulness, and perfect timing. And each is clearly seen in Andrew and Anna’s journey to their daughter, Mila.

Almost two years ago exactly, in January 2018, they first began the adoption process. They were spurred by a feeling, a deep sense of urgency. Anna shared—

“I remember waking up one morning in January and knowing we had to hurry because we knew that [our daughter] was out there.”

That urgency led them down a road of paperwork, fundraising, and prayerful waiting.

Finally, on February 5, 2019, they met their daughter in India. They made a video for her just hours before they first met at her Indian orphanage.



Anna wrote to us—

I could write a book about all the ways God moved and spoke to us in our journey to Mila. My favorite, though, is how her name came about.

When we started our home study, we felt like “Mila” was definitely supposed to be our daughter’s name, even though we didn’t know who she was yet. “Mila” comes from the Spanish word, milagros meaning miracle. That couldn’t be more fitting as we prayed and prayed for years to become parents. We felt strongly that this name was special and that the Lord specifically gave it to us.

A little over a year later, as we sat in our daughter’s orphanage waiting to meet her for the very first time, the orphanage director came out to greet us. We’ll never ever forget the first words out of her mouth—

“This girl is a miracle girl.”

Isn’t God just amazing?

His hand was in every detail of the adoption process, including the matching grant we received from Lifesong. He provided every dollar we needed. Again, isn’t He amazing? His provision is perfect and His kindness is overwhelming. Thank you, Lifesong, for being a part of the beautiful story God is writing in Mila’s life! We are so grateful.


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